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  1. Caerllion of Cyfnos

    Ask Riddles in the Darkness

    Kerkoidia was a planet with a long and tumultuous story. It once was a proud member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars and the headquarters of the Retail Caucus. With the presence of this important conglomerate of hundreds of corporations, the planet was relatively...
  2. Caerllion of Cyfnos

    Ask Shenanigans in Arkania

    While Arkania was a cold ball of ice, Caerllion needed to agree that the sight wasn’t so bad. The frozen lake in the outskirts of Kanti city was beautiful. Together with the icy mountains in the horizon, the scene seemed to be something that came out of a painting. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here...
  3. Caerllion of Cyfnos

    Ask Heritage

    The space station of Tír na nÓg was very different from the surface of Annwfyn. While the planet that it orbited was mostly devoid of any sentient presence beyond that of the Annfyn, the station was full of different species. By the law of the planet, an outsider could only land therewith the...