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    I'm trying to get back into 'photo-manipulation'

    So, as the title says, I'm trying to get back into photo / picture-manipulation, and I started with something rather simple today. If anyone more experienced could give me a few pointers, it'd be very much appreciated. This is the original picture This is, obviously, the edited version...
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    Hakim wants to stick his parts into mailboxes

    Jiang says: NOM. Project says: WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE REPUBLIIC? AND THE REPUBLIC WITH ONLY ONE I, TOO! Jiang says: Because the Hutts have better strippers And you can quote me on that, foo' Project says: True, true. I mean, for ****sake, I am one of their strippers. Jiang says...
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    "VENGEANCE!" roared the muscled Trandoshan as his doshanek penetrated the scaly torso, and tore apart the heart, of the muscular brute who only moments ago foolishly dared to shame the Trandoshan warrior by stealing what he deemed his rightful kill. Hot, bubbling blood splashed onto the reddish...
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    Trandoshan Cross

    I'm currently working on, as the thread title says, a 'Trandoshan Cross'. Although this is still a work-in-progress, here is what I have sofar: EDIT: I just realized I need a better circle. - Done.
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    Confederancies and Hooks

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    Someone lock this damn thread or remove it.

    Someone lock this damn thread or remove it.
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    Hello there, my name is James.

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying. Stranger: hey You: Hello there, my name is James. You: I am thirty years old, male, and I like long hours on Omegle...
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    Denzein and her holyness discuss the Universe, or something.

    Kitty says: WHO ARE YOU? WHO AM I? Harlequin says: I AM YOU YOU ARE NOONE =') Kitty says: You just confessed that you are nothingness. Therefore, you do not exist. Your claims to be a god are therefore also falls. Which means that I am right. Harlequin says: damn...
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    Jiang at probing day

    Kitty! says: Prooooobing day. Jiang says: oh god MY PENIS IT BURNS Kitty! says: IT BURND WITH FIERY LUST! BURNS* Jiang says: THERE IS A LIGHTSABER IN MY DICK Dx Kitty! says: THAT IS HOW IT FEELS WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE! Jiang says: I think that's what AIDS feels like, tbh...
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    Collegehumor: ShamWow Guy in Jail The video says it all.
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    Professor-Doctor Irving Arkenhart

    IRVING ARKENHART PROFESSOR-DOCTOR of APPLIED & THEORETICAL BIOTECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH 'Frazier' "For christsake, where are my goddamn Papers?Where, by the nine gates of Hell, did I put them?!" "Doctor Arkenhart." "Bloody hell, can't ya see that I'm working here?" "Doctor, if you wish to...
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    Station C-453 NOSIX - Archivation

    The title should say it all.Could one of the Faction-Administrators, or possibly any Member of the Staff, Archive the Faction (and it's two Threads)?
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    The Revolution

    My attempt at a simple Photo-Manipulation; Took me about two hours, I used a mouse, and only some sort-of age old Photography editing programm I had on my Computer for some reason. Another little something done the same way as the first (and much more complex) Picture above it.Took me about...
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    Glancing at the reflection [OPEN]

    [The Jekk'Jekk Tarr] Rays of light. They penetrated the thick Fog inside the unusually booming Night-Club.It had been Dusk since ages... but the shift of work just ended - and Xenoforms metophorically punched through the Door of the eight Section - the only real dance-floor in the Cantina.Many...
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    The Classic (Closed/Invite)

    [The A'luudrai' Sector,- Station C-453, NOSIX] "Allright.Is everyone here?Good.We've got a little Problem... Our activity in this Sector has drawn quite alot of new Smugglers here, which recently formed into a loose-bound of Spacers known as 'Rattleheads' - and that hasn't gone unnoticed by...
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    Station C-453 NOSIX - Sign Up

    Station C-453 NOSIX, Sign Up TERMINATING StandBy.sequence - terminating - - Process 50% - - Process completed - Launching STATION Network-O.PSystem.executive WELCOME TO THE GALACTIC REPUBLICAN-NETWORK; localized SECTOR: A'LUUDRAI,- 3 PARSECS from SUN COORDINATES: UNKNOWN PLEASE ENTER...
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    Station C-453 NOSIX

    Side notes can be found after the Text. This Faction is player-organized thus there are no NPC's in their Ranks.. TERMINATING StandBy.sequence - terminating - - Process 50% - - Process completed - Launching DATAPAD-O.PSystem.executive WELCOME TO THE GALACTIC REPUBLICAN-NETWORK; localized...
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    Escape from Velucif Bay, OOC-Thread

    The OOC-Thread for this thread. Anyone can join when he asks, that is if he has a criminal character. Despite this I want to note that it might seem like a few Character of players allready know about the plan, this was selected.There is still one spot free for a character to be involved with...
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    Escape from Velucif Bay (Ask/Invite)

    Dark silence... ...the hour had come. The day of defeation, the beast of vengeance had finally approached in the mere night on Velucif Bay, a prison so twisted so mad that it stood above the greatest psychopath in the Galaxy.A man, whom had been deemed the greatest War-Criminal the Republic...
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    Nikolai Voi'un

    This profile is over 8000 Words long, so take some time for yourself incase you want to read it. NIKOLAI VOI'UN EX-PRISONER 46836 ROMULUS The present-day Nikolai Voi'un (Partially depicting his casual Attire and tattoed Arms) The Journal PROLOG...