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  1. Pippa

    No worries, take your time :P

    No worries, take your time :P
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    Weapon Heavy "AA10" Blaster Pistol

    Heavy "AA10" Blaster Pistol AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Adostic Arms SIZE 0.35m long WEIGHT 2.5 kg COMPOSITION Wood effect Plastoid and Durasteel WEAPON TYPE Blaster DAMAGE TYPE Heavy AMMUNITION CAPACITY 40 shots per power pack. FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic. MAX RANGE 30...
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    Droid ZDT-345 “Redeemer” Protocol Droid

    ME-8D9 is a droid of more feminine chassis design. ;)
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    Pippa's Shed

    Hirojani Andro's TIE/D AFFILIATION Hirojani Andro MANUFACTURER Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems CLASS Starfighter/Bomber Hybrid ROLE Interceptor/Fighter-Bomber/Attack craft COMPOSITION Titanium, Quadanium and Transparisteel DIMENSIONS Length - 9.2 meters CREW I pilot PASSENGER CAPACITY...
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    Ship TIE/D "Defender" Fighter/Bomber

    The heavy classification is because of 1 line ezra says, the ls9.3 are also on the TIE/IN and are not heavy there, bear in mind we are nearly 150 years since this ship was made, what may have been heavy once may not be any-more. (The lazer cannons on the First order TIEs are several versions...
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    Ship TIE/D "Defender" Fighter/Bomber

    @AutoFox The TIE/D canon Wookipedia page does list a "Tractor beam projector" as the last of it's armaments in the armaments section. You are correct that despite being listed as a Fighter-Bomber it has never been listed as having bombs. I believe its warhead projectors and what they are armed...
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    Black King Hi-Power Pistol

    There is a general precedent on the sight that it is preferable that blasters look more like blasters than real world guns where possible. Typically this is done by finding unusual looking or obscure guns and modifying them. This is a picture of a Browning Hi-power pistol, almost called a...
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    Other Magnetic Accelerator

    As a suggestion, It'd make sense to me if the power draw of the mod cuts the ammo capacity in a serious way. You have less shots but they are more likely to hit (with good aim).
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    Weapon Yoddle's lightsaber

    You still have an Advanced Tech section in this :)
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    So I had my eye on this when I saw it in your workshop. Historically scatter weapons on the site have always been a bit of a dangerous area simply for the "I can hit you up to my pellet count times in one shot" clashing with armour rules, but also because of the perceived anti-saber user intent...
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    Tech Updates: Season 9; Episode 1: The Admin Attack on Advanced Tech

    Couple of Quick questions (hopefully). It looks like Improved composition armour pieces have been nixed from the functions. Is this intentional? Assuming it is, does this mean that there is no restriction on pure beskar or chromuim armour, but that it also no-longer confers mechanical benefit...
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    Weapon Adenn Rytt Lightsaber

    Mechanically there is nothing wrong with this lightsaber. Lore wise I think you may run into a couple of issues. Not the most important but, as of current Disney canon lightsaber colours other than red have no direct or specific meaning. Red signifying that a kyber crystal has bled during the...
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    Pippa's Shed

    Incomplete Masterwork Droid Affiliation: Is your device made by, or used by, a faction? Manufacturer: Who makes it? Class: Battle Droid? Protocol? Astromech? Locomotion: Wheeled, tracked, legged, or repulsors? Power Supply: What kind of power source does your device have? Sensors: Does it...
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    Pippa's Shed

    Converted DH-44 Disruptor Pistol AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Various SIZE Rough dimensions WEIGHT In kg COMPOSITION Wood and Durasteel WEAPON TYPE Disruptor Pistol DAMAGE TYPE Heavy AMMUNITION CAPACITY 7 Tibanna canisters per clip FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic MAX RANGE...
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    Pippa's Shed

    DH-44 Carbine Conversion AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Blastech Industries SIZE 1 meter long WEIGHT 2.2kg COMPOSITION Wood effect Plastoid and Durasteel WEAPON TYPE Blaster DAMAGE TYPE Medium. Medium stun AMMUNITION CAPACITY 50 shots per pack FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic MAX...
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    Armor Talon Vizsla's Beskar'gam

    If you look on the template post there is a spoiler button in the top left that reveals the bbcode, if you copy and paste that code into you post it will format correctly. You can then edit the text to suit your need and replace the image URL at the top to use your own image for your armour.
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    Armor Kaarz's Family Heirloom Armor

    So the way you've worded your coverage in this is confusing to me as it seems you are implying that you have multiple levels of armour within your one set but that isn't how armour categories work. This is a set of heavy armour because it covers 6-7 areas. The individual parts do not need...
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    Pippa's Shed

    TBD Ancient Lightsaber AFFILIATION No one MANUFACTURER Unknown SIZE 42 cm long with a 101cm blade WEIGHT 500g COMPOSITION Duramentium and an Unknown silvery alloy WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX RANGE Melee DESCRIPTION Ancient as...
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    Y-Wing Assault Ship

    The way I understood the generitech rules to work Re-skins can either be: Functionally identical or Mechanically worse than the original. I'm fairly sure that swapping parts on a ship even, if they are functionally very similar, would require a new writeup. I'd also say that as far as I was...
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    Weapon Pidge Batana’s Blaster Pistol

    Not to worry :) To change the picture you will want to edit your post. Once editing, towards the top of the post there will be a URL to the image you are currently using between two bits of bbcode thet look like [IMG= (URL here) [/IMG] When you find that, replace the hyperlink text with the URL...