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    Sith Order Varis Ty'Laun

    Varis Ty’Laun AGE ► 24 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 6’2 WEIGHT ► 185 EYE COLOR ► honey gold HAIR COLOR ► Raven Black HOMEWORLD ► Nevarro GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Sith Eternal RANK ► Sith Marauder FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Trained BIOGRAPHY Born on Nevarro, Varis’ parents were indeed force sensitive...
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    Gaelon Ty'Laun

    NAME: Gaelon Ty'Laun FACTION: Jedi RANK: Knight SPECIES: Human AGE: 21 GENDER: Male FORCE SENSITIVE: Trained Force sensitive. APPEARANCE: Gaelon stands 6'2 inches tall, and weighs around 200 pounds. Well built and durable, he has crafted his mind and body into a well oiled machine, he has Dark...
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    Captain Phasma

    Agreed, many people say they hated Phasma because of the movies. But they have to remember that new character, means more about her and the others will come in time. Phasma is likely one of my favorites in the new saga, and i have high hopes for Rey and Kylo when we get more history and insight...
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    Good Day To All Of You

    Welcome to the site, i know you sre going to enjoy it here. We have a lot of fun people, who are fun writers and a staff that always makes these timelines fun for everyone. I myself am making my return for this timeline.
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    Hey there!

    Hey, and welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here, we actually have a change in timeline and story coming up so you are just in time to see some pretty amazing stuff. I know i have enjoyed my time here, i'm sure you will too. This has been a welcoming message from your friendly...
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    Which Books to read before TLJ

    And if you have a chance, check out the force awakens novel. It touches on a lot of internal, and back ground stories not covered by the movies.
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    The Return

    Alright, well i am holding my character until the start of the next timeline. Since it is a month away.
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    Character questions

    OK thank you.
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    Character questions

    Being a returning player, I maybe making a Jedi. That said, last time line I made a Jedi initiate, that fell to the dark side and rose to become a sith lord. What is the highest rank I can go for at the start if I make a Jedi?
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    Character questions

    Being a returning player, who had a Sith lord last timeline, what is the base ranking can go for starting out?
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    The Return

    Hey, my return is being delayed. Due to my jet being shut off, I cant make a character until we get it turned back on. Though I will try to do what I can character wise on the phone.
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    The Return

    I Don't know how many of you remember me, but last time I was here I played Severice Ty'laun. Well, I'm back and looking to get into playing again.
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    Hoping to do posts, if nothing gets in the way of my train of through.

    Hoping to do posts, if nothing gets in the way of my train of through.
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    Hi! Hello!

    Hey Avery, i'm really i am. xD Anyways, welcome to the site and i hope you find a place here. We're all really friendly and chill. I think you're going to like it here, I know i have. ^-^ If you need any help, let me know and i'd be glad to help you. We offer a lot of options for...
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    Looking for Threads!

    Anyone else want a thread with Keiji? @Dysto: Hmm, well Keiji isn't really looking to mold anyone. lol, but he is up to maybe imparting some wisdom. (Even if he is young, he comes from a very traditional family on his home planet.) Keiji is always looking to find potential assets if and when...
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    Refining the Form

    Drakus wasn't one to play games when it came to teaching, but this acolyte needed to learn that in order to achieve full mastery of Form III. He would need to calm his mind completely, that thinking too much. Would lead to his death, in a duel. There was no thinking, it was react and attack. So...
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    TE MK IV, "Eclipse" Armor System

    Real men rock purple. :1:
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    Vica Veszk

    I actually like it. ^-^ very well done, and the Color scheme is pretty cool. ^-^
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    [ASK]The Fox and Her Lord

    Korriban had been his home for many years, leading up to his rise to a seat on the Dark council. The former Darth and Warmaster, had a mind of taking another apprentice. Being only in his early thirties, Drakus was still very much in his prime. There were still many battles to be fought, but for...
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    Some good work

    Location: Zhenxing. (1200 Hours.) Keiji had been back home for a few days now, the rebuilding after a couple of Sith ran wild on his home planet had been slow. Though it was just finishing up, he had heard that the Sith responsible had been tried. Or so his contacts said, he has an honored...