#1SithLord here, Looking to reconnect with old friends.


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Jul 7, 2022
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Hello all,

A long time ago on an RP far, far away; I was along with others, owner of a Star Wars RP forum known as Star Wars Revolution.

It's first inception started in 2005 and had gone on, albeit in various forms and names, until 2012 when real life happened and everyone was just too busy to keep it up. The stories we used to tell were great! Fun, creative and engaging!

I'm not currently looking to join the roleplay though that may change in the future.

Im looking to reconnect with old friends, some of whom, may have joined this site. I know of one for sure (though it was quite some time ago).

Ive used my name (#1SithLord) for nearly 20 years in the Star Wars online community, and I hoping to reconnect with friends who are familiar with my screenname. I have no social media so I have no means of keeping in touch.

At any rate, it is a pleasure to meet you all! It's nice seeing an active Star Wars RP forum. There's something satisfying about writing stories with friends in a franchise you love and being creative with characters, events and worlds!