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Alexandria Thayless Voran


► 115


► Morellian


► 5' 6''


► 130lbs


► Green


► Typically Red


► Corellia


► Female


► Jedi Order


► Grand Master


► Yes


Alexandria was born in the slums of Corellia to parents better left unnamed. Her childhood was spent shuffling from one spice den to the next with very little to call her own. Her parents tried their best, but they had never meant to have her, and truly never really wanted her. So, it was Alexandria was left to fend for herself.

As the years wore on, she saw less and less of her parents. They became just another moving part of her life. She didn’t care for much beyond surviving and escaping the life that had come to define her. Unfortunately, few ever escaped the worst of poverty. She was no different.

Alex fell into the various bad habits that permeated the slums. Eventually, resorting to boosting speeders for credits. She seemed to have a “knack” for avoiding the worst of the law. Unfortunately for Alex, her “luck” did not last. She arrested shortly after her twentieth birthday.

However, the Force works in truly mysterious way. The Jedi Order had long since given up the practice of ripping children from their families, but Knights still wandered the galaxy searching for wayward souls. Alexandria Voran was a wayward soul. A kindly Twi’Lek Jedi Knight, Alloran Thadus, wondered through the precinct and discovered the source of Alex’s “luck.” A strong connection to the Force.

He plucked her from that life and returned to Order’s jungle Temple. There, Alex spent the next 10 years changing herself and her life. She trained with Master Thadus until she was deemed fit to serve on her own, attaining the rank of Jedi Knight. The 50 odd years since have been spent in service of the downtrodden. Alex has never taken a student, instead focusing her effort on the Outer Rim and overlooked areas of the Core. She is a healer and a diplomat. Her focus is bringing peace to those who were so like her.


Alexandria has discarded much of the vigor of her youth. She is considered thoughtful and contemplative by her peers. She much prefers her solitary lifestyle to the bustle of the Order’s main congregations. She has never found she exactly fits in. The Order preaches they are her family, but she considers the downtrodden of the galaxy her true home. Alex works very hard to be everything the galaxy ensured her she was incapable of becoming. She is kind, caring, and invested in the work she does.

The cavalier attitude of her youth is carefully buried under years of training and dutiful work as a Jedi. However, in the right mood, and the right circumstances that old “Alex” can be seen.


As with all Jedi Knights she was trained with the Force and Lightsaber. Her skills have always rested firmly in the use of the Force. She is a capable swordswoman with her saber, but prefers to avoid its use if necessary. Her truer talents are in working the Force.

Alex is a skilled healer and practiced in medicine as well. Her talents as a diplomat are well developed and she has a passing knowledge of most major worlds. No one would describe her as an “ace” pilot, but she flies herself nearly exclusively. She is a humanitarian at heart and that is what her skills reflect.


+Alex's Armor

+Cyan Lightsaber

+Oota's Purified White Lightsaber

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