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Alyssa Starros was a Human female Lothalite philospher, politician and member of the Galactic Senate. A lifelong politician, ambassador and diplomat, Alyssa served as the representative for her homeworld of Lothal following the murder of her husband, Cal Starros. She was an outspoken supporter of peace and democracy in a troubled galaxy.


Alyssa Starros was born into an influential family on Lothal, her father serving in the Lothalite and his mother working as the CEO and founder of a banking house. A gifted child, Alyssa joined the Legislative Youth Program on Naboo as an exchange student at a young age, before completing military service on Lothal when she was old enough to. Following this, Alyssa attended University, doing well and graduating top of her class.

Joining the Galactic Senate as a diplomatic attache for her homeworld, Alyssa kept a low profile, working as a junior representative attached to the staff of the incumbent Senator. Over the next ten years, she learned the ropes of diplomatic life and was elected to replace the retiring incumbent shy of her twentieth birthday. She met her husband, who was serving as the Governor of Lothal soon after, and stepped down as Senator to run the family business following her mother's passing.

Following the murder of her husband at the hand of Mandalorian invaders, she returned to politics.


Personality & Traits

Alyssa was a female human with fair skin and brown hair. A firm believer in democracy, and the freedom of individual worlds, she passionately believed that diplomacy and peace should be the first and primary focus of the galactic political class.

Opposing authoritarianism and the centralisation of powers toward 'strong' leaders, Alyssa believed that decentralisation was the best way to guarantee lasting peace. Considered a pacifist by her detractors and a champion of freedom by her supporters, she wished to see the galaxy avoid making the mistakes of the past.

Outspoken in this regard, she nonetheless continued on her path to peace and democracy and held a steadfast dedication to her ideals and beliefs. Politically skilful and savvy, she positioned himself as a servant to the people of Lothal, fighting the powers that be and protecting the ideals of the Lothalite people themselves.


Skills & Abilities

A practical and keen diplomat, Alyssa made sure he had the skills she needed to do her job well and independently if needed. As such, she was a trained pilot. Talented at public speaking, she knew how to appeal to people across political divides and was an excellent negotiator. Alyssa was not force-sensitive.



Alyssa wore a blue tunic and a robe cut in the Senatorial style and travelled in a J-Type speeder driven by a member of embassy security staff, equipped with a DL-18 Blaster Pistol. For interstellar travel he made use of a Consular Class Diplomatic Cruiser, which had previously belonged to her husband, called the Azadi.