An Open Letter to The Star Wars RP


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Aug 19, 2023
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Good time zone, SWRP!

I'm sure many of you know who I am, but please allow me to introduce myself to those who don't. My name is Remileah, colloquially known as Remi, and I joined the website in August earlier this year.

Today is Christmas Eve. It's currently 07:38 for me, and I found myself sitting around my house, watching videos, playing some games, and contemplating posts I owe people. As I thought about my posts, I started thinking about all the people I've met, the threads I've participated in, and how I've (hopefully) integrated into the community since my arrival. When I looked back on everything since I joined, I wanted to take the opportunity to put words on a page in a different way than writing a post.

So, here we are with my letter to The Star Wars RP community. Yes, the community. This letter is addressed to everyone, whether we've met or not.

Strap in, buckle up, get your popcorn or your drink and enjoy the lengthy read that is me opening my heart.

For many people, Christmas is a joyous occasion. For some, it's painful; for others, it's little more than another day on the calendar because they celebrate a different or no holiday.

This letter is for you regardless of where you live or what you do or don't celebrate. I don't often need a reason to be sentimental and express my love and appreciation for people, but I certainly won't turn one down when it presents itself.

I sincerely wish everyone here a happy Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, Bodhi Day, Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe, and all other cultural celebrations during this time! I hope it's a time filled with joy and happiness for you, and I wish everyone here good health and a wonderful new year that's right around the corner.

Remileah! Where's the sentimental, teeth-rotting sweetness you initially talked about?

Hold on to your britches and curb thy rancour, dear reader, because I'm getting there.

Let me cook.

I nearly expected to be ignored or run off-site when I joined The Star Wars RP. There are a great many role-playing communities out there that have established cliques and tight-knit members, effectively barring newcomers from properly integrating into it. Sometimes, it's due to apprehension or fear that a newcomer has stepped foot into their sanctuary, but frequently, it's due to indifference. Many communities out there are so entangled with their current groups and circles that they ignore the new members, and in turn, those new members leave or lessen their presence because they don't feel welcomed.

That did not happen on this site.

I was floored when I joined this community. Not only did people in Discord take the time to message me and talk to me, but some people even posted in my introduction thread when I created it. I became so accustomed to no acknowledgement in Discord servers and introduction threads on websites that I expected it, and when that expectation was so readily circumvented, I was genuinely baffled. Here was a community that actively welcomed me to the site, talked to me, and shared excitement and enthusiasm for my characters when I posted them.

I wrote up and posted the Fiani, and instead of people pointing and mocking me for making what appears to be a stereotypical "uwu anime waifu" fox species, many of you embraced them and made one! I cannot say how gratifying and happy I am to know they were so well received. Not just them but my characters, too! T'vani, Aimi, and Sleek, to name a few. The excitement and enthusiasm people have to interact with my characters and shape stories with them leaves me feeling ecstatic and fulfilled every time, and that means the world to me.

To tell you all the truth, I am often very lonely. I live alone with my cat, and I don't consider myself to have many friends. As an intensely reclusive introvert, it's difficult for me to muster up the energy and willpower to go places, and as someone who has gone through some emotional and mental abuse in the past, it can be exceedingly difficult for me to open up to people to make friends. I can be really skittish, anxious, and overall a very nervous person when it comes to trying to join new communities and meet new people.

Typically, it can be mentally exhausting.

You all shattered that expectation, too.

Since joining this community, I've met some wonderful people and made fantastic friends. I love hopping into voice with people, talking in Discord, reading threads, and planning future stories for my characters with you all. You're one of the only places I can go, interact for hours, and still feel energised and have my social battery ready and able to continue the arduous task of interacting with others. I never feel tired after talking with all of you, and for someone like me, that is a rare occurrence.

This community—as deranged as it can sometimes be, but only in the best ways—is among the greatest gifts I got this year, and I wish I could give every single one of you some kind of present to thank you. Since I can't do that for various reasons, not the least of which is that the only content my wallet possesses is a dead moth, a bent paperclip, and some cobwebs, I decided to write this.

Thank you, The Star Wars RP and its members and staff, for making the final stretch of 2023 the best it could be.

All of you mean a hell of a lot to this silly little gremlin. You're a fantastic community, and I sincerely hope I can continue to give back to all of you just as much as you've given me. I hope we can continue to share stories, goof off, and bond more than we already have. Never before have I felt so welcomed and accepted into a community. Honestly, all of you went far beyond what you had to, and it has left a lasting impression on me.

Here's to a good next year with all of you!


The Mistress of Mofu, Remileah


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May 3, 2010
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You are a TREASURE to this community and I'm so incredibly thrilled you joined. We love having you and I personally love your super organized approach to things which is a total opposite of my chaotic mess lmao. I hope we keep you coming back and I'm glad you became a part of our goofy and dysfunctional family <3


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Mar 10, 2012
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REMIIII! I’m so glad you settled in and joined our family! You’re always welcome here! I look forward to seeing your future works, stories, and characters! SWRP is home, we’re glad you’re here! Happy Holidays! ❤️


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May 19, 2013
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I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are overjoyed that you found our community and decided to call it home. While you talk about how welcoming we were to you, I think I can say that it is supremely true the other way around as well. You are one of the nicest, most thoughtful, funny and interesting people I've had the pleasure of interacting with! <3

Not very many people would have taken the time out of their day to write something like this and I'm glad that you did. It's heartening to see that swrp can be to others what it has been to me for so many years, and I think that's one of the biggest parts of why this community is so great and continues to thrive over a decade after its creation.

Happy holidays my friend and thank you for just being you.