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Jan 13, 2008
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The Prevention Bureau of Metaphysical Investigation, better known as Anti-Force, is the primary policing force upon the DSC Daedalus that deals with investigation of both illicit and illegal usage of the Psi-Wave (more commonly recognized as the Force) upon Daedalus. Unlike most of the Daedalus' contracted security forces, Anti-Force's origins began upon the station. In the early years of the foundation of the Galactic Traders Coalition, the free trade laws quickly drew appeal of sentients from all walks of life, including the more unlawful sort. While CoreGuard maintained control and security, it was soon realized that traditional methods of investigation were almost totally ineffective in legal cases against Force Users.

The glare of the issue was largely ignored and minimized due to their infrequent nature. However, the situation changed dramatically following the Devil's Strip Massacre. Almost sixty years after the Daedalus' completion, an Adacap of the Blazing Chain came to the starbase, by the name of Captain Nero Kaine. A known swoop racer in the Outer Rim and Hutt Space, Nero was present on Daedalus for the swoop tournament of the No Man's Land track, the Devil's Strip. However, in the final race, Nero's swoop malfunctioned, which he believed was sabotage and resulted in his loss. Ignored as resentment over losing, the track authorities dismissed Nero's claim, and as Nero left the track garages, telekinetically strangled the racing authority and all of the racers involved.

The incident became known well beyond Daedalus' borders, extending to Imperial and Alliance space via the HoloNet, and while many accusations were hurled toward Nero, no evidence could be mounted against him. He was seen leaving the garage by entire crowds, and was gone before the racers and the racing authorities began dying. For two days, the investigation went aimlessly, until a Jal Shey bounty hunter captured Nero and brought him to CoreGuard authorities. In the accounted incident, the bounty hunter revealed he could 'sense' the Force trail from the captain, as well as the resin of his 'Force signature' upon their bodies.

In a highly controversial ten month long trial, Nero Kaine was convicted of guilt, and CoreGuard began looking into recruiting Force Adepts from across the galaxy, gathering them into a special operations policing agency. This event laid the foundation for what would officially be designated the Prevention Bureau of Metaphysical Investigation in the following year. Because of the widespread knowledge of the Force, the organization quickly became known informally as Anti-Force. In the years that followed, Anti-Force began to reduce hiring independent Force users and began turning to Hedion University graduates, in an attempt by influences amongst the Administration to reduce mention of the Force for the more logically perceived view, known as the Quantum Psionic Wave.

Anti-Force have since acted as investigators in examining the presence of residual Force imprints, and exist predominantly to combat unlawful Force usage on Daedalus. As they are significantly weaker than either the Jedi or Sith in both strength and numbers, Anti-Force officers rarely fill the roll of combatants and enforcers. Instead, an agent's prime duty is the confirmation of the presence of, rogue or suspect Force sensitives or sensing the presence of active Force usage, track said perpetrators, and leave the rest to either CoreGuard Security or ZS to handle the rest of the situation. In addition to investigating "Force crimes", Anti-Force also use their member's special abilities in more tactical roles, especially as deep-cover investigators. Consequently, Anti-Force often work very closely with CoreGuard Security, and on occasion ZS, when matters known to indicate Force sensitives arise.

Because of their active role, many refer to Anti-Force as "Sith-beeks", short for "Sith beacons", as in recent times, their existence came to mainly function against the amoral actions of arriving members of the Sith Order, and because the Dark Side of the Force was discovered to leave more profound residues, making their crimes and actions far more difficult to conceal, and thus making their violations more obvious to investigations. Nonetheless, they are just as strict with the Jedi as they are the Sith, and view both orders with suspicion and wariness.

Inspector Generals, also known as Commandants, are the superintendents of the Prevention Bureau of Metaphysical Investigation. Oveerseers and supervisors, the Commandants lead and organize the bureau, as well as coordinating relations and conjoined efforts between the other law enforcement agencies. Only three Commandants exist at any given time.
Special Investigators, better known as Special Agents, are the elite of Anti-Force. Highly trained and disciplined both mentally and physically, Special Agents were the special ops of Anti-Force, often working alone or in small groups. Licensed for non-standard weaponry and possessing particularly strong psionic powers, Special Agents handle the major criminal cases of Daedalus, occasionally working with ZS. Although they rarely mentor others, Special Agents at times mentor Junior Investigators expected to eventually excel to the level of Special Investigator.
Senior Investigators, also known simply as Detectives, are the most common rank within Anti-Force. Fully trained both in law and enforcement, as well as basic weapons training, Detectives often train newer operatives and take on the bulk of investigative assignments.
Junior Investigators, also known simply as Officers, are the trainees of Anti-Force. Often under the guidance of either Senior or Special Investigators, Officers are unqualified to operate independently or directly with CoreGuard or ZS without supervision.
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