April Newsletter 2018

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SWRP Newsletter #04:

April 22nd, 2018

Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
Greetings again for the fourth month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes a couple very important and exciting rule changes. Plots are still running with a diversity of stories and opportunities. There have been some major progression in the sites overall story, which will be reviewed in this newsletter along with everything else mentioned.
Site Changes & Updates

The write-up for the Republic has been updated. Players can now make a Senator and Republic Judiciary Forces characters. A level one Senator is freshly appointed or elected into office, and can advance in seniority, and can be elected as a Vice Chancellor or a Supreme Chancellor. The Judiciary Forces are the successors of the Grand Army of the Republic and their primary military branch. Please see the write up for detail.

One of the things that has changed since then is the completion of the Jedi Order's first story goal: the location of the missing Jedi Council members. As a result, the next Jedi Order story goal has been written and the thread has been updated to reflect this change.

A couple things to note about this new update:
  • The Jedi storyline involves all of the three major factions. That opens up the opportunity for everyone to do plots/threads related to it, as either protagonists or antagonists depending on which side of the storyline your character falls upon.
  • In regards to the second mission on the list, "An Influential Side Quest," we will be forthcoming with an influence tracker that will visibly show how close/far the Jedi are from achieving the influence they require for this side-quest's completion. Threads done to change the influence meter (if you will) should be submitted to either myself or our Plot Admin @Insalius so that we can assess them and and approve them towards the goals of the quest.

Though the Exiles still haven't completed their story-goal on Anzat, an Exile base-of-operations was successfully established on Prakith thanks to @Deviant and his band of Exiles. Since then, the faction has also gained its first PC Level 4 character in Andraste (@Sreeya). As a Level 4 character, Sreeya's Andraste will have the authority to direct faction affairs and will have handed out missions that will start us down the path towards the moment we've all been waiting for: the creation of "the first Sith."

The Hutt mission to obtain lightsabers for bounties is still ongoing. However, with their recent successes on Alderaan and across the galaxy following the Great Boonta's Eve Tournament, you can be sure that the Hutts will not be left out of the party. In a future announcement, we will announce the next story goal for the Hutt Cartel, so stay tuned for that!

But that's not all!

This site now has a more efficient way of tracking ongoing bounties! Please familiarize yourself with the rules. Some examples are already in the boards, more will fill it up as the bounties from the old board are added. Please click here to see the new board board section (which will also contain the turn-in section for lightsaber bounties) and please be sure to read the rules here. Enjoy!


AS A REMINDER, LEVEL TWO(2) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN BY ALL CHARACTERS IN THEIR FACTIONS.LEVEL THREE(3) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN THROUGHOUT ALL FACTIONS. LEVEL FOUR(4) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN ON A GALACTIC SCALE. Please keep this in mind while your character is in a thread with a level two(2), level three(3), or level four (4) character.

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates
  • These characters have have ranked up:
    1. Ralaa Talus has ranked up to Jedi Master.
    2. Cregan Doldan has ranked up to Jedi Master.
    3. The Wook has ranked up to Cartel Vigo.
    4. Blythe has ranked up to Cartel Vigo.
    5. Wyck ranked up to Jedi Councilor.
    6. Mikko Wexler ranked up to Jedi Master.
  • SWRP SWAT strikes again!! Monthly SWAT report:
    1. Fractured
Plot and Events Updates
  • There are currently 129 plots underway
  • 15 (15) plots have been completed
  • The Alderaan Event is complete! The hutts won.


Completed Player Plots

Embers of War
A small group of Jedi work to gain favor on the planet Corulag. While things don't go exactly as planned, the Jedi are able to get a small base of operations up and running.

Paint it Black
Exile Eivor and Jedi Cregan attempt to plan the death of Warlord Syresh Lapar. The attempted plot does not get much farther than the planning stages before falling apart.

Hunt for Knowledge
Levi and Siris search for lost Darkside knowledge. While they uncover a lost manuscript, the knowledge contained within is almost useless.

To Ascend Again
Jedi Master Wyck presents himself to the Jedi Order and the Jedi Council in an effort to gain a seat on the Council. He is accepted by his fellow Jedi but is questioned heavily by the Council. Wyck answers the Council's questions and is elevated to the Council.

TA Forceful Discovery
Vincent Cross encounters an Exile and learns that he can use the Force. The Exile gives Vincent some instruction in the use of the Force.

The Very Depths of Despair
Mikko fights off possesion by a terrible darkside spirit. And staves off depression as he returned to the folds of the Order.

Darkness on Dantooine
A group of Jedi search for Master Rem Shivaaga. They have to fight off a terrible army of droids that has devestated the fledgling crusade Master Shivaaga atempted to start. Eventually, the Jedi find Master Shivaage and convince the Counilor to return to the Order.

Important IC News

State of the Jedi Order

The Jedi Order is slowly recovering from the destruction of the Temple on Ossus and sudden violent re-emergence of the Exiles. All living Council members have finally return to the fold. Master Winters appears at the Conclave, Master Shivaaga being found on Dantooine, and Master Corliss returning from Tython. With Master Dan'ela joining the Council, the Order was organized for the first time in years. The Council was able to focus on combating the threat they thought long gone. Grandmaster Cadef Sige ordered the alliance with Republic be reformed. Jedi have been encouraged to take any actions to bolster the Order in the eye's of the Republic. Critically, Balmorra is under siege from two fronts. The Jedi must aid the Republic in retaining Balmorra. Already dozens of Jedi fight on the world hoping to re-establish friendly relations with the Republic.

Master Wyck (@Malon) gained the support of the Order and the Council in an impassioned plea for action. His fervor convinced many of the younger Councilor it was time to act. The Order assembled to assault the only Exile Stronghold, Prakith. Lead by Councilors Dan'ela (@Valen Pelora), Winters, and Wyck, the battle for Prakith is waged.

State of the Jedi Exiles

The Exiles have returned seeking vengeance. They have hammered the Jedi to reopen their eternal conflict. Their victories have frightened the Jedi and given the Exiles breathing room. Even now, newly minted Warlord Andraste (@Sreeya) worked to forge an alliance with the Hutt Cartel. Such an alliance would deal a massive flow to any war efforts made by the Jedi. Andraste grows closer to her goal but the Exile's hunt for power does not stop there. The upper echelons of the Darksiders seek even greater power. Much of the old ways was lost when on Tython. The secrets of first Exiles domination are largely lost. The Exiles must recover their lost knowledge to truly defeat the Jedi.

This search is leading the Exiles down an interesting path. They on the course to discover knowledge they only could have guessed at. The First Sith are coming and it is a race to who can claim that Dark power. The Exiles must not let the Jedi save Balmorra in the name of the Republic. A serious blow could be dealt to the fledgling Jedi alliance.

State of the Hutt Cartel

The Cartel has gained tremendous influence over Alderaan but the Hutts are nothing if not greedy. They must have more. They need more. The Hutts have their eyes set on ripping Balmorra from the hands of the Republic. Of course, pesky Jedi have come to aid the ailing Republic. This must be stopped. A young slicer also has growing influence within the Cartel. Spectre is slowly making a name for himself as an industrious Vigo leading a cadre of skilled slicers. As Spectre (@Faster Than Light) grows in influence, another Cartel faction has started emerging. The Toasted Twi'lek lead by Blythe (@Dread) is gathering power within the Cartel. The operation is slowly expanding to include more and more resources. There is perhaps no telling where the limit rests. While, the Wook (@Clayton), Spectre, and Blythe stand as Vigos, an ambitious up-and-coming Hutt, known as Nem'ro Besadii Ziir (@Malon), seeks to carve out some influence as well.

Reports of Cult Activity on Jakku
Story by:

Mason Eldrydge​

Anchor: We're coming to you live from Jakku for a special news report! As always, Mason Eldrydge is the first on the scene! Mason, what is it about this jungle world that craves the attention of the galactic populace?

*Cut to Mason in a safari suit standing in front of a gathering of people in cloaks wielding rifles and sharp weapons*


Mason: Thanks, Weiss! As you may remember from a few years ago, a young man named Dax Quix was killed in the crossfire between Jedi forces continuing their lamentable civil war. One of Dax's surviving legacies was the Porg he had named 'Sir Brandon Porrigan' after having saved the creature from poachers.

*Cheering erupts from the gathered mob, one wearing very fine robes coming out carrying Sir Brandon Porrigan on a velvet pillow. The Porg is nested quite happily, wearing a small helmet that was commonly found on ancient soldiers.*

Mason: And there is the Porg of the hour! I don't know how, but the pure charisma of this avian has drawn a following from accross the galaxy. They have begun to grow larger and larger here on Jakku, to the point where they are starting to take over local government posts to spread 'The Word of BAC'. When I've asked exactly what that means, I haven't been able to get an answer yet.

Anchor: Riveting! Have you managed to find out what they want? Perhaps the tenets and ideals of their cult? Anything that shows how they've managed to become so popular in so short a time?

Mason: Despite repeated attempts, we have not been able to get any closer to this cult-

*One of the robed men cries out in outrage at Mason's words, drawing the attention of Sir Brandon Porrigan. He gives a cry as he stirs from his nest, obviously displeased*

Cult Leader: He has upset The Porrigan! DEATH TO THE OUTSIDERS!!



*The camera is dropped as the mob chases after Mason and his cameraman. The feed continues in silence until Sir Brandon Porrigan walks in front of the camera. He gives the lense a few looks before glaring right into the center, as if able to see everyone watching him right at that moment. He gives a fierce war cry before the camera is shut off, crushed by the cult leader's gilded boot*

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