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Dec 23, 2006
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Arcon-VII is a sheltered, backwater world on the very edge of known space, occupying an empty area of space. The planet is the only one able to sustain life in the entire system, and the native inhabitants are completely oblivious to the wider galaxy.

It seems, a few thousand years ago, the planet was a thriving centre for small galactic trade, the planet carving out it's own little slice of the galaxy. This constituted for about four or five planets in the near by star systems. For unknown reasons, the little empire collapsed violently, erasing all remnants of a space fairing civilization under the rubble of a brutal nuclear war.

The remains of that civilization eventually rebuilt into the feudal level of technology that exists on the planet as of now. Plain in every aspect of the word, the planet is largely temperate, with polar ice caps on both poles; a mix of tropical, temperate, and winter forests, deserts, tundras, and plains are the dominant terrain across the planet.

The Jedi Order had ancient records of a monastery that once existed on Arcon-VII. It was abandoned when the population turned on the local Jedi, driving them off the planet. In the process, they destroyed most of the Monastery, and only a hidden section, embedded in the face of a cliff, had survived.

The Jedi Master Tanoor had in her youth come across the record of Arcon-VII, and when Masters Lightell, Sarus, and herself converged to discuss the establishment of an enclave of their own, she recommended the planet Arcon-VII.

The three arrived in secret on the planet only to discover the once space-capable populous had devolved to a state of feudal barbarism. Regardless of this complication, they all agreed that the planet would prove to be the ideal planet for their enclave. As such, they observed the culture of the society they found themselves confronted with, and seamlessly blended in. Travelling to the ruins of the Monastery, they slowly mapped the cliffside. To their surprise, the Monastery proved to be only the face of a massive instillation of winding caverns and massive caves within the cliff itself.

It took months to clean out the secret tunnels. However, the enclave is now functional, if incomplete, and students have begun to fill the cavernous halls as the Ospion create their own, fledgling order.
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