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Arden is a savanna world that is Blackwell Technologies administrated colony in the new galaxy, the Stygian Reaches. After the opening of the Reaches, Blackwell Tech was intrigued the by the possibilities that a whole new galaxy that's readily accessible brought. To that end they sent probe droids, Blackwell agents, and Apex mercenaries to explore this new untapped frontier. Arden is the third planet in the solar system out of 6 planets.

Upon exploration, although there were some anolomies in the star system and on planet, this planet was given a green light to become the first colony from the main galaxy into the new galaxy.

Today, this colony serves as a mix of a center of the trade, science, as well as a launch pad for exploration into the new galaxy, while colonists from the new galaxy live their lives on this new and unknown frontier.

C L I M A T E & T E R R A I N

As a savanna world, Arden is a dry planet with lush greenery, with tall grass, scattered trees, and other plants. As expected of a savanna world, Arden's climate ranges from warm to hot on average depending on the season.

Arden has quite amount of biodiversity in it's flora and fauna. Although quite a bit has analogues to species in the main galaxy, there are some plant and animal species that are exotic.

The colony world is made up with one large supercontinent with various assorted bodies of water, with there being more land than water.

H I S T O R Y, C U L T U R E, & G O V E R N M E N T

After the link between the Maw and Linchpin Station was re-established, explorers from the new galaxy first came into the galaxy and upon this world. After a look, they had strange findings. A strange ion cloud that could make ships that enter disappear or appear at a strange trajectory even if they were flying straight.

There was evidence of ancient past civilization on the planet, as the explorers found broken and destroyed satellites in orbit above the planet, and on planetside there were whole cities that were broken and destroyed. Those cities were left to the ages with no signs of life. That is not to say there were other ruins elsewhere on the planet that although had no life signs, were more intact. The original habitants of the planet either disappeared or somehow perished.

After the explorers visited, civilization would soon find itself on this new world, from the new galaxy. Blackwell Technologies would then reach out and establish a presence on the world. With help of institutions such as the Discovery Exploration Corps, a colony would be stablished. And this world would henceforth be named 'Arden' after the current CEO of Blackwell; Newton Arden.

Today, the main settlement on Arden is named Tasha, after the founder of Blackwell Technologies. Tasha is a modest sized settlement that is thriving due to technology imported from the main galaxy. The settlers enjoy a quality of life higher than citizens on the backwater worlds of the Outer Rim, although it is not without dangers. The main objective is it to be a hub for travelers from the new galaxy, to further Blackwell operations, exploration, research, trade, and to send resources back to the main galaxy.

The colonial world is run by a Blackwell-appointed Administrator, which is also referred to as the Governor. The colony also makes moderate use of droid labor for simple and menial tasks, which is controlled by an Archon droid from M4-78 which is subordinate to the Administrator.

Tasha is a city that is starting modest in size but is on the rise. Travelers are welcome to the planet to visit Tasha, it is visitor friendly. It has businesses, places to eat, drink, and trade. It also has open starports, bars, and lodging to accommodate travelers. It also has research facilities and it's manufacturing capabilities are growing. Other smaller settlements exist on planet as well as operations such as mining and other resource extraction. Aside from patrols here and there, this protection does not extend beyond these areas. Blackwell droid ships do patrol the space around Arden.

Among the population, the colonists have a closer bond as they are a smaller population at the moment. They see many coming and going. They tend to help each other out when in need. The colonial life is a comfortable, if not small and not much contact with the main galaxy. The administration is run by corporate elites, who rule in a detached and cold manner however, the goal to bring the most profit as possible.

R E S O U R C E S & T E C H N O L O G Y


Arden has a multitude of resources of available. It has been prospected and it has fair amounts of minerals which could be refined into metals along with fuels. These resources are mostly exported back to the main galaxy, and the rest is used to further the colonial establishment. The world has a decent amount of usable farmland, so the main galaxy colonists could sustain themselves.

The other planets in the system, ranging from gas giants to various uninhabitable worlds also have remote small automated operations on them.

The corporate administrated colony is built around technology upon and from the main galaxy, so it's technological level is more advanced than the Stygian Standard. To bolster the colony, Arden does receive receive regular shipments from the main galaxy.


To add a new planet to the Stygian Reaches lore that can be used by new characters as a hub and a stepping stone for other activities. This planet would be a setting that characters can feel more at home with. This would also advance Blackwell's goals in the new galaxy, this would be the first step completed. The survey thread is almost finished at this time.

In addition, the planet has ample amounts of ancient ruins and mysteries that others can have fun exploring.