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Astrid von Keren was a Force-sensitive human female from Naboo and a member of the new Sith Order. The daughter of an old Naboo family from the city of Keren, Astrid showed great political aptitude and ambition, joining the Legislative Youth Program at a young age. However, her ambition turned to a raw lust for power as she grew into a young woman and she married a mob boss while studying at the University of Theed. But there love was not to be; and her husband's betrayal awakened the dark power that had always slept within her.


Astrid von Keren was born to an ancient Naboo family who settled the Naboo city of Keren centuries ago. The daughter of an old family in the lower aristocracy, Astrid was given an elite's education, where she discovered her aptitude for politics—driven by raw ambition. At age twelve, she joined the Legislative Youth Program with the intention of being elected queen when she was old enough. Years later, she attended the University of Theed, where she met a fellow aspiring politician Nickolas Patell, who was from the Lake Country, and whom she later learned was connected with the growing mob on Naboo.

Astrid found Nikolas alluring; and, though he lacked ambition, she saw his position in the mob as a useful stepping stone to gain the power she had always desired. This mind, she entered into a romantic relationship with him and used his attraction to her to manipulate him. Often she encouraged him to take on bigger and more dangerous jobs, increasing his prestige among the criminal bosses, in the hopes that he would some day lead the mob—and that his money and influence would fund her future political career. Unfortunately for Astrid, she overplayed her hand and Nickolas began to sense her increasingly not-so-subtle manipulations. The couple started arguing, and their picturesque relationship began to fracture.

At the height of the tension between them, Nickolas betrayed Astrid. After taking her to a ball in Theed for their anniversary, the two retreated to their lakeside home for a late dinner. Nickolas got Astrid drunk, then turned on her and set the curtains in their dining room on fire. As the house caught blaze, he escaped; disoriented, she attempted to do the same, but was unable to find her way out of the house. In the moments before the flames consumed her, the rage she felt towards her traitor husband cut through the haze of the alcohol and awakened the latent darkness within her. She unconsciously cocooned herself in the Force, shielding herself from the worst of the fire.

During her recovery, she was approached by a robed man who claimed to have sensed the disturbance in the Force and witnessed the fire. He played on Astrid's hurt pride, offering her the power to seek vengeance against her husband and all who conspired to strip her of life and power. Astrid readily agreed and fled the hospital with the man into the Unknown Regions, where she was trained as an operative of the Sith Eternal. Later, along with her brethren, she claimed the title of a "Sith" when the Eternal cult decided to reclaim the legacy of the Dark Lords of the Sith for whom they were named.

Personality and traits

Astrid von Keren was a human woman of average height, with brown hair and blue eyes that blazed a smoky yellow whenever she called upon the dark side of the Force. Like other women from Naboo, she enjoyed a unique style of dress, which she carried on into her life as a Sith. Instead of the typical black Sith robes, she instead wore a black, form-fitting dress, gloves, and boots. She wore her lightsabers on either side of her waist sash. She also wore dark-toned makeup.

Astrid was defined by her ambition, her lust for power, and her utterly ruthless nature, which was driven by vengeance and spite. These traits made her an ideal candidate to be trained as as Sith, and a perfect vessel for the dark energies of the Force. Much like Darth Sidious before her, Astrid had little regard for morality or honor, and she treated lives as though they were currency to pay her way to greater and greater power. But, despite being a near-perfect Sith, she was not without her vices.

Unlike Sidious and Vader, and more like Darth Tyrannus, Astrid enjoyed the pleasures of life. She made sport out of enticing men and women alike, and she could often be seen at dinners and parties across the galaxy. She looked down upon those who did not know their wines, were not in tune with their own cultures, and who did not know how to dress properly (or extravagantly). Above all, Astrid's major vices were vanity and greed. And those who offended her quickly learned how hot and out of control her wrath could burn.

She had no capacity for love—not true love, though she could certainly act out a facsimile. Her husband's betrayal vexed her towards romantic couplings of any kind, though she did not shun them, for she knew romantic partners were easily manipulated as pieces on a chessboard. Astrid also recognized the power relationships had over the lives of living beings and would engage in them for nothing more than the thrill of feeling in control of another's life, which she considered one of the most euphoric sensations a Sith could experience.

Powers and abilities

A mob wife turned aspiring Sith Lord, Astrid was more than capable of defending herself with a lightsaber. She possessed two such single-bladed weapons; and, while she typically only used one in battle, she was even more deadly when she used them both together. Her preferred fighting style was to use her weapons in the reverse grip, as the style was both unorthodox and more comfortable to her. But she was equally capable of wielding her weapons in the traditional lightsaber fighting form, though she did not subscribe to any of the lightsaber forms of old.

Astrid also had a strong connection to the dark side of the Force. Though she was good with her lightsabers, she preferred to use the Force almost exclusively. With telekinesis, she could lift objects and beings many times her own weight, and she had a particular fondness for using the ability to strangle her enemies, as she enjoyed the thrill of feeling the life drain from their bodies before death. However, her signature ability was Force lightning, which came naturally to her due to her malevolent personality and her lack of moral restraints, which allowed the power to channel easily through her.

Unlike most of her Sith peers, she was not a skilled pilot. Therefore, she did not cart around the galaxy in a starfighter, instead preferring the simplicity of a shuttle, which was easier to fly and more utilitarian. Her elite upbringing meant that she was a educated woman, versed in galactic history, and a multitude of languages among other talents. Though she only fluently spoke Basic and Sith, due to her training among the Eternal cult.


— Two single-bladed red lightsabers
— Comlink
— Datapad

T-4A Lambda-class shuttle




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