HoloNet News Belasco Leaves FWA, Adopts Full Neutrality Policy

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Mar 30, 2022
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Belasco Leaves FWA, Adopts Full Neutrality Policy
By Dani Leone - 156 ABY

In an unexpected move from the now former Free Worlds planet, Belasco's Prime Minister, Celeste Marrion, has come forward in a recent announcement and declared Belasco's intent to leave the Free Worlds Alliance.

Three days ago, Belascan politicians - including the Prime Minister Marrion, King Belasi, and former FWA Prime Minister Korre Belasi - met at the royal palace in Senta. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, the attending politicians declined questions. Many Belascan reporters suspected that the meeting had to do with the galactic status of the planet, but nothing was confirmed until today.

"Widely, Belascan citizens have lost faith in the Free Worlds' Alliance, with approval ratings dropping consistently since Korre stepped down as Prime Minister and returned home to Belasco," said Prime Minister Marrion in a recent holovid interview. "We leave the Free Worlds with no hard feelings, but Belacso finds it wholly in our best interests to pursue neutrality in the face of so many armed conflicts so that we may focus on the interests and pursuits of our own people."

The mention of neutrality has sparked discussion all across the HoloNet already, with many wondering how it will affect Belasco's standing in the galaxy. Some have praised it as the "right" move, believing that removing themselves from the conflict will allow the planet to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and benefit from more trade partners. Others have criticized the move, worried that the conflict will find the planet regardless.

Belasco's neutrality does not mean we will remove ourselves from galactic relations altogether, former FWA Prime Minister Korre Belasi explained when the Galactic Report reached out to her for a comment. We will remain on friendly terms with our former alliance planets, but with future plans concerning our home, it is within our best interests to remain a neutral party, and to completely avoid involvement in a galactic war that does not benefit us or our people.

Some of our sources have informed us that Belasi is partnering with former-MorataCorp CEO Ilana Morata to found and build a galactic university of science in Belasco's orbit, which could be a major incentive for the planet to push for neutrality. Others suspect that the planet is no longer willing to participate in the needy demands of the FWA, in which they get very little in return, and have thus decided to cut ties in order to save their resources. Others suspect that the planet may enter negotiations to join the ISC, thanks to an agreement the planet made years ago with Vice President Galek concerning the ISCRA. For now, speculations can only remain as such until we receive more information about the move.

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