Bendu Libraries

Josiah Rendar

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Sep 2, 2007
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The Bendu Libraries contained possibly the single largest source of the true formation of the Jedi Bendu Order in the galaxy. Within its ancient architecture, incredible amounts of data were stored. Bendu scholars and investigators used the carefully organized data to aid in their studies or their missions. Lining the main halls were paintings of ancient times and depictions of important figures in Bendu history.

Much of the Libraries were once kept beneath the Ashlan Mountains. Many of the most sacred and ancient texts were whisked away and placed in the majestic lower halls of the Temple of Light. So complete were the Libraries that even forbidden lore was stored within its chambers. The texts contained the only known holocrons of the Jedi Bendu Order and the complete story of Xendor Taral and the Legions of Lettow. Only the Council of Priests had access to such information.
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