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A habitable moon that orbits a large gas giant rich in helium, known for its arid and sulfurous deserts and shrublands. Sulfur pools are present on the moons surface however they are concentrated, forming large groups or chains that are spaced far between one another. Drinkable surface water is scarce on Beniri, many rivers and lakes are contaminated and the one and only small ocean present on the moon is far too rich in both salt and sulfur to be a viable source of drinking water. Many settlements wouldn't survive if not for deep wells that tap into clean sources of underground water such as aquifers or extensive water treatment plants that are costly to maintain.

The atmosphere is breathable to humans and other oxygen breathing lifeforms however the quality of air is rather abhorrent and many settlements rely on air scrubbers to prevent health complications, especially those close to large sulfur pools. The rich sulfur content is also infamous for corroding tools, weapons, armor, and even circuitry over time. This makes upkeep cost for settlements and outpost much higher than on most planets and moons. Beniri is fairly rich in resources, so much so that many settlements that have the numbers for it have vast systems of quarries and mines. Major exports include raw sulfur, sulfuric acid, Iron, Vanadium, and Copper. Major imports include food, water, and building materials.

Beniri is a tidal locked moon so roughly half of its 2500 mile mean radius is always shrouded in darkness. Not much is known about the dark side of the moon other than the fact it is extremely cold and inhospitable. Many say those who travel there never return and there are rumors of foul creatures lurking in the dark. Temperatures on the dark side range from 20 degrees Fahrenheit all the way to -20 degrees. The rest of the moon varies and because of its lower axial tilt seasons are much more milder than other planets. Temperatures typically stay between 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 but it's not uncommon to see 110 or more degrees near the equator.

Occasional storms hit Beniri which often have large impacts. While not common, these storms can kick hundreds if not thousands of tons of sulfur and debris into the atmosphere making it almost impossible to breathe without assistance and reducing visibility to almost nothing although only temporarily. This sulfur and debris can often travel hundreds of miles affecting towns and settlements that hadn't even seen the storm. Since being settled in 87 ABY there have only been 4 recorded storms. Nearby the moon lies an asteroid cluster that was recently discovered to share many of the same mineral and ore deposits as Beniri.


Beniri was first discovered by an unknown and long forgotten pilot around 63 ABY. Not much is known about the man but there are rumors he was present at the battle of Exegol and took to exploring the stars after his brief military service for the rebels. The pilot went MIA in 65 ABY whilst making a return trip to Beniri, but not before he had charted the moon and sold the information to the Free Worlds Alliance. In 71 ABY surveyors and expedition teams were sent to explore the planet where they set up one of the first major outposts. Several expeditions followed afterwards and by 87 ABY the planet was deemed habitable enough that the first settlement was officially founded by human migrants. The first settlement known as Blackpool still exists and is currently the largest settlement on the planet with a population of just over 30,000. The demographic is mostly human on Beniri but there other humanoids present including Zabraks and Twi'leks.

In 110 ABY a penal colony was founded near the border between the light and dark side of the moon. It houses the planets most violent criminals who are forced to work in mines for 12 hours a day, being only provided the basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Life expectancy isn't great in the mines for many who work there however the relatively cheap labor helps boost the moons growing economy. In recent years inmates from nearby planets and moons who prove to be too difficult and uncooperative at their current prisons have been sent to the penal colony where many are serving life sentences. Inmates often mine by hand as the high concentration of sulfur breaks down most drills and jackhammers within days of use.

As of 135 ABY the technology on Beniri is on par with the rest of the galaxy though in much worse condition than say Coruscant. No shipyards exist though there are ports and docks who can preform minor repairs for passing traders and visitors. Many settlements govern themselves due to their small population using local deputies and hired guns to keep the peace. Blackpool however does have a mayor and small council that helps him run the day to day tasks required to maintain the settlement. Blackpool also has a small yet present police force composed of roughly 500 men and women. The current population of the entire moon is estimated to be around 120,000 and steadily growing with new waves of migrants travelling to the moon in search of a new start every few years. Many settlements are spaced far from one another and have populations ranging from 500 to 7,000. Roads are still in the process of being built as the economy grows and the farther you get from Blackpool the more wild and dangerous things get. Small bands of pirates and brigands aren't uncommon on the fringes of settlements, preying on weary travelers who stray too far from the roads.

Early excavations revealed bones hidden below the planets surface however when Beniri was first settled there were no natural occurring fauna. Over the years migrants have brought a host of fauna from other planets including nerfs, sheep, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, and more. There was existing flora though nothing of particular interest and has since been supplemented with flora from other planets.


I wanted to make a unique planet that had a somewhat science fiction western feel to it. Considering the current TL takes place 100 years after the end of the movies I figured it'd make sense that people in the galaxy would continue to explore and discover new planets. This planet has endless possibilities and could be used as a homeworld for certain characters, a base of operations for factions, or even a quiet place to meditate for characters who prefer to be alone.
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