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Bounty Boards & Submissions

All throughout the galaxy, criminals of various backgrounds dwell and run, causing havoc and strife in their perspective sectors. To combat crime, bounty hunters come from all walks of life in the name of the hunt. While, anyone could claim to be a hunter, the most professional hunters belonged to a reputable agency, that would in turn provide premium and exclusive contracts to their hunters.

The Bounty Hunter's Guild had countless offices around the galaxy with bounty boards, each offering payments for jobs ranging from honest acquisition of owed merchandise to capturing Most Wanted bounties. Anyone can strike a bounty off the board, making the only requirement for hunting work a good blaster and some guts.

Completed Bounty Submission Steps
Did you see a bounty you wanted, done a thread or two and want to collect the reward? Submit using the following template and follow the steps after

Name of Bounty:
Alive or Dead?:
Bounty Amount:
Thread(s): Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 .etc
Summary of what happened:

After that is posted, edit the Databank page and then strike through (like this) the respective bounty, then you can go ahead and reap the benefits. If there are any questions contact me and I'll get back to you when I can.

Because bounty hunting can get dangerous and messy, the BHG encourages hunters to take down their targets in pairs or larger groups. Reach out to fellow writers on the forum or the Discord and pick your target! Credit to @Eccles for running the previous versions of the bounty boards and for his formatting with the Bounty Listing in addition to re-using some old ones.

As with the other bounty boards this timeline, these are meant to provide nice story writing prompts for primarily bounty hunters or other characters.

This time around, these bounty boards will be using the Databank/Wiki. This means that maintaining the bounty boards will be a community-ran effort, not resting on a single person to maintain. As a note these are unofficial Bounty Boards (not a staff project). More NPC bounties will be added occasionally if time permits.

With that being, good hunting bounty hunters.


How to claim a bounty?
Read the steps above

What type of threads do the NPC bounties have to be done in?
The NPC bounties can be self-DMed, dice-rolled, or you can ask a third party to DM the bounty for you. Just do whatever you want to do and try to have fun.

Can my/someone elses' character get on the bounty boards?
Specific player characters can only have bounties on them with the roleplayer's consent. For how to do that exactly, send a DM to me with the bounty in the same format as the others. If you want to get your character on here, feel free to shoot me a message.

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Name of Bounty: Czerka Corporation Cargo Ship
Alive or Dead?: Damaged, but intact
Bounty Amount: 75,000
Thread(s): Link
Summary of what happened: @Terra Lanris hired @Davani Gaizott to travel with the professional pirate crew of the Eclipse to intercept the Czerka cargo ship. After damaging the engines of the ship it was boarded by the pirates. Although most individuals were not willing to die for their employer, the Captain chose to go down with his ship. He and one of his crew members were killed during the fight. The survivors were jettisoned by escape pod, the cargo was loaded onto the pirate ships, and the target itself was towed by the pirate ships to the client.