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Dec 22, 2017
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Welcome to the Bounty Boards! In this forum, you can post bounties on player characters and NPCs under the proper circumstances. The following are the rules for the bounty boards:

Posting a Bounty
  • Bounties can be posted by Faction Leaders, Staff SWAT (NPC Law Enforcement), and by any Player Character who has appropriate resources (ie; large amount of credits or tech to give away), and are always written from the IC point of view of whichever character is posting it.
  • Posted bounties must utilize the necessary templates (see below) and the correct thread tags: Open means that the bounty is still ongoing, Complete indicates that the hunt has been completed, and Failed indicates that the hunt has been abandoned or otherwise failed. The tag Most Wanted can only be applied by the Staff. Please do not use it unless you have been told otherwise.
  • ALL Bounties MUST have appropriate IC justification, such as a character committing crimes (and being recognized or recorded doing so), being caught in the midst of espionage or an attack on another player or faction, getting into an IC personal conflict with the wrong Hutt Lord, etc. The Bounty Boards are not to be used to further OOC disputes, and abuse of the bounty board to target certain players unjustly will result in disciplinary action. When possible, links to the IC act that triggered the bounty should be provided.

Living with a Bounty
  • Any Character with a price on his or her head is REQUIRED to participate in at least one OPEN/PVP thread per month.
  • Failure to participate in at least one OPEN/PVP thread per month means that members of the Bounty Hunter's Guild and recognized intelligence branches or bounty hunters associated with the posting faction can choose ONE of your ASK threads to invade in an attempt the kill or capture you. BHG and Faction Hunters can join the thread until the levels are balanced with that of the target and his/her allies in the thread (i.e if the target is level 4, then four level 1 hunters can show up in the thread to collect). If the target survives this "invaded" thread, their bounty is increased. The thread creator may not add additional allies to further outnumber the hunters.
  • Bounty Hunters of any affiliation can develop and submit espionage plots to track, trap, capture, or kill any characters with a bounty on their heads. These must follow all appropriate espionage rules and be approved by a plot admin.
  • These rules apply to individual bounties ONLY. They do not apply to characters affected by bounties targeting a group or faction (ie; bounty on all Jedi)

Claiming or Removing a Bounty
  • A bounty can be rescinded by the character who posted it at any time and for any reason by simply posting a notification in the bounty thread and tagging a plot admin.
  • The bounty is considered voided if the person that placed the bounty is dead. Another PC can't simply pick up the bounty, a new justification must be made for the bounty. The ONLY exceptions are galactic-wide known PCs such as especially infamous faction leaders. This will be treated on a case by case basis.
  • Characters with a bounty on their head can remove it by doing an appropriate plot, which can be work out with the player who posted the bounty or with the plot team. Once the plot is completed and all appropriate requirements are met, the targeted player should post in their bounty thread, link to the completed plot, and tag a plot admin.
  • If you follow the new rules above for having a bounty on you and go three months (and three OPEN/PVP threads) without being captured or killed for the bounty, you can request to have the bounty removed. If you need to be ASK invaded, the count restarts and you need to require three more clear months of following the rules again to have the bounty removed.
  • To claim a bounty, simply post in the bounty thread with a link to the thread where the bounty has been captured or killed and tag the plot staff so that they can review the legitimacy of the thread. Once your bounty claim has been approved, you may claim the reward.

Bounty Rewards
  • Because we do not have a system in place for tracking IC credits, successfully redeemed bounties reward an OOC "Bounty Token" that can be redeemed in lieu of one thread of an tech plot (ie; spending two bounty tokens alleviates the need for two tech plot threads, and you can add a weapon or ship to your equipment that would otherwise take two threads worth of tech plot). See the Technology Rules (specifically Advanced Tech) for more details on tech plots and the acquisition of Advanced Tech.
  • Standard Bounties reward one Bounty Token (regardless of IC Credit reward). Characters who have had their Bounty increased due to surviving an ASK thread invasion reward one additional Bounty Token per ASK thread invaded (ie; a regular bounty who has survived two ASK threads is worth three Bounty Tokens). Bounties with the "Most Wanted" tag also reward additional bounty tokens at the Staffs discretion.
  • Alternatively, Bounty rewards can be used to further a character or faction plot in appropriate ways- using the funds to establish a business or buy property, for example. Make sure to link your completed bounty when you develop any plots related to using the reward in this manner.

[COLOR=grey][B]AGE[/B][/COLOR] [/exsize][/FONT][exsize=14][/exsize][/COLOR][exsize=14]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Age[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]SPECIES[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Species[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]HEIGHT[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Height[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]WEIGHT[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Weight[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]EYE COLOR[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Color[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]HAIR COLOR[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Color[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]GENDER[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Gender[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Faction[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Dead/Alive[/FONT][/INDENT]
[FONT=calibri][COLOR=grey][B]REWARD[/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
[INDENT][FONT=calibri]► Reward here[/FONT][/INDENT]
[/exsize][/justify][/abox3][/fancybox3][cbox3=500px][FONT=calibri][B]DESCRIPTION[/B][/FONT][/cbox3][FONT=calibri][abox3=500px][justify]Describe who the bounty was issued by and for what reason.[/justify][/abox3]
[cbox3=500px][B]Threat Level[/B][/cbox3][abox3=500px][/abox3][abox3=500px][justify]Detail the threat level and known skills of the bounty (again, rely on your IC knowledge only).
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