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Aug 13, 2017
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Caelian was born on the Echani homeworld of Eshan and enjoyed a modest lifestyle as a child of a respected family. While many young Echani learned of the numerous and heroic tales of their ancestors, Caelian found himself drawn to the ancient myths and legends of the great Jedi-Sith wars and their many participants. While not the most popular child, he found it easy to strike up conversations and would often enter lengthy debates with children about who was the most admirable fighter the universe had ever seen. Caelian defended, often alone, the position that a great warrior was one who could win battles with both word and sword and did not rely just on martial ability. Often again, these debates were settled by a good old-fashioned school yard brawl.

His sensitivity was noticed at a young age by his parents they attempted to keep this hidden from the world at large, lest, they feared, he would draw the attention of the powers at be. This frustrated the young boy immensely, as he continued to explore aspects of the force that came naturally to him, but without a formal teacher, he feared that he would soon find his limit. After explicitly being forbidden from pursuing the matter further by his parents, Caelian felt that he had no choice but to seek out his own destiny, away from the stranglehold of his parents. Perhaps, he pondered, that if he could master his new-found abilities and prove himself to others, his parents would, too, would come to accept this part of him.

Time passed quickly after Caelian found himself mixing with Sith and then their academy. The years of training honed and enhanced his capabilities beyond anything that his younger self could ever imagine. Gone were the days of struggling to move a fork around his plate, now he trained as a fully fledged Sith - finally earning the right to call himself a Sith Champion. A path once hidden began to open, the question remained whether he would be strong enough to stick to it.

Personality and traits

He is a budding negotiator and will attempt to turn any situation to best serve his own personal interests, although he is willing to work with outsiders if it ultimately works toward the end goal. Caelian has an admiration of physical prowess and other demonstrations of skill, although philosopher warriors carry greater still weight in his mind. While quick to judge, he can just as easily find common ground if the situation calls for it.

Powers and abilities

Caelian is force sensitive and has decent training in lightsaber combat and equivalent force powers.

Equipment and assets

Caelian has a crimson dual phase lightsaber and generic blaster pistol. Generic light Sith armor and a Kaba-class shuttle.
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