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Canto Hyperspace Distributors is a product distributing and shipping company. As a distributor, it works directly with manufacturers and wholesale product vendors to then sell products to resellers and end customers. CHD holds various contract vehicles that allows it to bundle products from a variety of vendor companies at a discounted rate. CHD also keeps inventory of a wide array of these products and manages the purchase orders and auditing, offering services to the whole galaxy. As CHD operates out of the Corporate Sector, it does not follow any sanction or galactic wide laws.


Formerly a shipping and trade distribution company, CHD was recently purchased and revamped anonymously as a venture by @Emryc Thorne and @Julia Hipori with Emryc owning over 50% of the company. He has placed a proxy CEO in position as part of the buy out, restructuring the company to act as a universal distributor that owns and manages all paper trail after the purchase of the vendor products. The company has decades of history of supply chain to support the shipping and distribution of goods. The portfolio will now expand to include bulk shipping orders that include weapons of war and any material goods to be offered in a catalogue.


CHD is comprised of a droid as the CEO and a management team that came over as part of the buyout. A few extra executives have been put in place by Emryc Thorne to offer full visibility into company operations.

CHD also has a vast team of inside sales representatives that work in conjunction with outside sales reps at vendor companies like Blackwell, Czerka, Systech, etc. to identify customers and grow the number of deals. Once a pipeline is identified, CHD inside sales reps take over and manage the process through an internally managed and owned CRM. This is then passed to CHD's internal order fulfillment department, whereupon the purchase is completed as a direct sale with CHD. The auditing is therefore recorded as a deal between CHD and the end buyer or between CHD and a reseller who then sells to the end buyer.


- CHD does not create its own products but it carries and manages inventory for other vendors to sell as a bundled product. As a distributor, it serves administrative roles in holding contract vehicles, asset management, creating business proposals, sales and purchase fulfillment.


To create a distributor company that all megacorporations can go to in order to sell to the Sith and anyone else that may be blocked by federal sanctions. As CHD operates entirely in neutral territory and will always remain as such, it will not be impacted by Senate decisions. Furthermore, as a distributor, it's set up so logistically the auditing trail shows that the end user (ie. Sith) purchased from CHD and the product is defined as a CHD bundled product.

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