Chambers of the High Priest

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Sep 2, 2007
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<div align="center">There were three parts to the chambers of the High Priest of the Bendu Order. The first, the one that most saw, was the main audience chamber. It was a highly illuminated room that had a large window that allowed visitors to take in the vast, beautiful landscape that surrounded the Temple of Light. If one was to stand at the window, they would feel as if they were looking out forever into the horizon as they would be able to see the Ashlan Mountains, the Ashlan Ocean on the far side of it and the grasslands and villages that spread out for kilometers on end. It was a sight that many never wanted to end and none would ever forget.

The second part of the chambers was the High Priest’s living quarters. Within the living quarters they would have all their necessities: a bedroom, a common area, a study a bathroom and anything else that an incoming High Priest requested, though incoming High Priests rarely asked for any changes or additions due to the sacred and ancient condition that the quarters were in.

The third and perhaps the most puzzling to some was the meditation chamber. The untrained eye would not expect the keeper of such a chamber to be a generous, kind and whole-hearted being that cared about his people and the Ashlan Expanse more than most based upon the look and design of the area. The large, elegant design had been built thousands of years before the Great Sovereign Crusades and was one of the last rooms to be finished when the Temple of Light was constructed. Lining the walls were blades pre-dating the Galactic Republic by over seventy-thousand years, as well as torches, scriptures and paintings depicting the history of life within the Jedi Bendu Order and the Bendu Order. The Force of Others was powerful in the chamber, the most delicate secrets of the past kept within its very walls.

Stepping into the chambers for training was one of the highest honors any newly inducted Bendu Apprentice could ask for. Most Bendu were trained by Knights and Priests, though for thousands of years a select few were chosen to be trained by the High Priest. For the few and the proud, life began and ended within the walls of the High Priest’s chambers as virtually all High Priest’s spent their final days in their living chambers. The only High Priests who were known not to die in their chambers were Ussej Padric Bac and his grandson, Ussej Padric Bac III.
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