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Chester Kincade was a human male, born on Corellia, who worked as a legal professional during the ’Force Eternal’ period of galactic history. A smooth talking man, with a cold and effective manner of dissecting the facts of a case, he was something of a mercenary, willing to prosecute or defend anyone, if the price was right. With a law degree from the University of Corellia, a ready smile, a fine speeder to boot, he was the archetypal flashy lawyer everyone loved to hate.


Born to a family of low-grade bureaucrats and administrators working for the Corellian civil services, Chester was pushed from a young age to ”make the family proud” and do something more impressive with his life. Fortunately, despite their own misgivings about their status, Chesters parents positions afforded him the luxury of being able to attend decent schools, and to go into a legal college, and then later, to enter the Corellian State University, and undertake a degree in Galactic Law.

The course itself was to take a total of seven years to complete, sporadically intermingling with a collection of legal firms, the so-called ‘Big Five’ on Corellia, to undertake work experience schemes, which in effect took the shape of him filling out databases, and carrying a bigger fishes bag around. However, keen to live up the expectations of his family, and to one day be at the top of the game himself, Chester kept at it, and graduated with a good grade, before heading in at the bottom rung of the famed legal firm ’Hax-Madden & Associates LLC’.

As a junior paralegal, he was hardly living the glossy and glamorous life he had expected from a career in law, yet, he kept at it. Reminding himself daily that good things come to those who wait, Chester was - after two long laborious years - rewarded with a promotion to associate, he was to shadow a partner, the lofty and well-respected Hax Vandeem himself. Working with the man for three years in total, Chester learned a lot about the trade, being introduced to several members of the galactic crime organisation the Five Syndicates, helping some of their drug peddlers get off on technicalities. With his rap book ticking up, Hax introduced his young associate to members of the Chemical Manufacturing branch of Blackwell Technologies, and as a result of his work with one of their factories, Chester was promoted, becoming a full practicing lawyer by the time he was thirty.

Responsible for netting his own accounts, and rewarded accordingly, Chester adored his new role - finally getting to taste the lifestyle he had been promised. He stopped renting a box apartment downtown, he purchased his own speeder, and yet, still, he had ambition for more. After a few years, he went off alone trying his hand as a freelancer, where he hoped the money could really start to roll in.

Now, with the potential to forge a legacy for himself, Chester set his targets on the bigger fish, seeking to spread his horizons farther than the breadcrumbs dropped for him on Corellia, and into the wider Galaxy.

Basic Information

Name Chester Kincade
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human
Age 36
Height 177 centimeters
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Force Sensitive No

Personality & Traits

Chester was hard working, intelligent human, with a great deal of legal knowledge, and a fair amount of graft to back it up. Perhaps typically for a member of his profession, he was somewhat aloof and flashy, an aspect of his personality that was in no way helped by his dress sense and manner. Bizarrely, this helped with his line of work, and assisted in him in fostering his reputation as a cold, and brutally effective member of the legal profession.

A practical man, Chester cared little for the emotive arguments of a case, focusing insead on the cold hard facts that would enable him to win the day. Likewise, he was a morally grey individual, carrying little who his client was, in so long as they paid on time, and in full. To that end, he kept his options open when it came to dealing with new business, and was willing to defend, prosecute of mediate for anyone, and with regard to any issue.

Being a man more at home in the boardroom and the courthouse than he was in the field of battle, he had little skill in combat, having basically never had to call upon such skills anyway. Despite this, he was loath to travel unprepared, and upon occasion took the time to practice with a blaster - he was by no means an expert in its use.

Equipment & Assets
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