Mission Pack Consolidating Resources: The Mission Pack

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May 5, 2023
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Consolidating Resources

Masters Trael Osso-Drast and Vossari Khaldun have both been wanting to gain control of their own respective worlds. Vossari has been working to solidify his control of Manaan and finish off making Tund a Sith allied world under Darth Arcanos. Trael is seeking to gain control of Ord Cestus and use it to further his studies in Pyromancy and have foothold away from the Hutt-Imperial conflict. So the two Sith Masters have orchestrated a joint effort to see these goals accomplished. Both Sith Masters are offering rewards upon completion.


Liquidating Assets
@Vossari Khaldun @Karai Hekk-iv-Adas @Sek’hara Sarashashi, ASK

The Order of Shasa is a Dark Side cult that has infiltrated every level of Selkath society on Manaan. To complete their total domination of Manaan's aquatic society, they need to control the bountiful, healing crop of Kolto, of immense spiritual, political, and economic significance. Kolto production is currently controlled by offworld pharmaceutical corporations, and the unpopular facilities patrolled by heavily-armed mercanaries. Help the Cult liberate kolto for the people of Manaan.

Turning up the Heat
@Trael Osso-Drast 1-2 characters, ASK

The planet of Ord Cestus was in the midst of a struggle between the dwindling native X’ting population and the more numerous immigrant population. Trael knows the opportunity that this would give in gaining control over the population. The Sith are to meet with both groups and formulate which side would be more beneficial to have under their control.

Repaying Loyalty
@Serene @Chasdrym Tlin'yth @Cerberus , ASK

The Sisters of Sanguine are a dark side cult that have supplanted themselves under Darth Arcanos. They have loyally supported his efforts to capture Dromuund Kaas, Murzana, and Ziost. They have come to the Sith with a request: Silence the Sorcerer-Lord of the Tund’s light-side Sorcerers, so that the Cult may openly rule.

I will DM bad things happening if you take too long with this :)
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Sep 3, 2023
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May as well keep the theme going, take out some more mercenaries with Vossari on a water planet. :)

@Karai Hekk-iv-Adas for Liquidating Assets


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Repaying Loyalty mission thread link: