CoreGuard Security

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CoreGuard Security

The single largest security force upon the DSC Daedalus, the station-spanning CoreGuard Security is a private and independent security force existing exclusively within Deadelus as their regular policing and peacekeeping force. Officially recognized as the Corellian Vanguard Agency, CoreGuard (often abbreviated as "The Core", in wordplay on the word "corps") was one of the first mass-scale corporations on Daedalus and is the only policing force that is universally spans the entire starbase, from virtually every district to every level, with varying intensities. Although a private force like all others, CoreGuard is unique in that their authority is officially and universally recognized; it is an almost unheard of exception where any corporation will not cooperate with the Core.

The Core is also unique in that they are the only security organization that does not either exclusively secure a particular organization (as a limited force) nor show favoritism toward their own territories or corporations. Instead, the Core is known for patrolling all districts of the DSC Daedalus equally, making them universally recognized as Daedalus' foremost force of police and criminal investigators. The hierarchy of CoreGuard Security is not unlike most standard policing forces in terms of position, but does differ in that no one individual holds total executive authority. Instead, management at the highest level is managed by five, each representing the foremost CoreGuard command center of their respective district.

CoreGuard is the foremost of the major policing and law enforcement agencies utilized by the administration of Daedalus itself, and at the top of the chain of command, holds authority over all the others. The Division provides CoreGuard with intelligence, electronic warfare and countermeasures, and real-time surveillance. Zruger/Saythe, Ltd. provides CoreGuard with special forces for anti-terrorism, high-risk operations, and tactical ops requiring special directives and execution. Anti-Force provides CoreGuard with psionic agents for deep undercover missions, high-priority interrogations, investigating cases involving the Force, or providing counter-measures against hostile individuals with Force abilities. All working together as a single peacekeeping force with varying branches, CoreGuard ensures that no crime can pass notice or scrutiny on Daedalus.

COMMISSIONER OF POLICEThe Commissioner of Police, usually hyphenated simply to Commissioner, is the most senior rank given to the superintendent of CoreGuard within either of the five districts of DSC Daedalus. Each commissioner commands the gargantuan metropolitan districts and must confer with one another when making decisions that would affect CoreGuard personnel outside of their respective district, so as to prevent totalitarian control. The commissioners oversee the highest operations and even possess authority over the other security forces upon Daedalus, such as ZS, Ltd and Anti-Force, thus allowing them to maintain full order and prevent internal confusion or contention over jurisdiction and operations.
The Executive Deputy of Police, usually hyphenated simply to either Deputy or Executor, is the foremost assistant to the commissioner as well as the top lieutenant of each of CoreGuard command in their respective districts. The Executor possesses no particular duty or responsibility, and instead is dispatched to carry out whatever specific task the commissioner assigns to him or her. While unofficial, the Executor is typically the foremost officer of CoreGuard that coordinates with the other security and policing organizations.
MARSHALThe Marshals are the primary strategists and precinct overseers, so to speak, of the CoreGuard command centers. The Marshals tend to maintain the logistics of personnel, managing the tactical administration in respects to patrol routes, directing the more generalized operations, and assigning duties to lower officers. Marshals report directly to the Executive Deputy.
MAJORThe Majors of CoreGuard Security are the field commanders and supervisors of the policing precincts and all CoreGuard stations within, and unlike the higher senior ranks, Majors of CoreGuard operate "on the front lines". Majors train, hone and test lower ranked officers so as to refine their ability, finesse and aptitude. In the field, Majors are also the senior officers that "call shots", take the foremost active lead in the majority of investigations, and manage the public receptions by news and media outlets. Majors report directly to the Marshal.
CAPTAINThe Captains are the supervisors of individual CoreGuard stations, whether tactical or command in nature. In many ways, their roles are parallel to the Majors, only difference being in the scale of the territory in which they oversee. Captains report directly to the Majors.
The Lieutenants, also known as Investigators or Inspectors, are the micromanagers of each of the CoreGuard stations, with their duties varying depending on their particular desk. Some Lieutenants take the lead in managing investigations regarding homicides or narcotics, whereas others might investigate grand theft or corporate sabotage. Lieutenants report directly to the Captains.
SERGEANTThe Sergeants are the right hands of the Lieutenants and chiefly are assigned to aid them in their duties. Unlike the Lieutenants however, Sergeants are more often dispatched to field work than their immediate superiors. In this manner, Sergeants directly command police squads and units, effectively acting as coordinators. Sergeants report directly to the Lieutenants.
The Officers, also and more commonly known as Troopers, are the basic law enforcement units that patrol the DSC Daedalus. Troopers may be dispatched to almost any operation not requiring special provisions, and are by far the most commonly held rank. Consequently, Troopers make up the bulk of CoreGuard Security. Officers report directly to the Sergeants.

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