Coruscant Capers


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Jul 17, 2017
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Name of Faction/Organization: Sector Rangers

Description of Influence Exertion: Kicking up activity to combat crime and corruption while also actively affecting the lives of politicians and businessmen to gain their favor.

Deep Crime Missions;
  1. Human Traffickers: Even on Coruscant, the threat of being stolen away walking home and sent as a slave to the Outer Rim terrifies many of the middle and lower class on the city planet. Rangers will work on tracking down individual rings causing the most problems to set the minds of the people at ease.
  2. Smuggling: As the galaxy grew complacent, the more opportunistic and greedy took advantage of any opportunities they could. Rangers will investigate reports of smuggling hidden as legitimate shipments to secure the integrity of the major starports.
  3. Swoop Gangs: As law enforcement started to focus on the higher levels of Coruscant, various gangs began to claim territory and terrorize local residents with their violence and reckless speed. Rangers will need to bring these groups to justice, though as they tend to be on their Swoop Bikes a chase through the alleys of Coruscant is likely.
Rubbing Elbows Missions;
  1. Political Party: A mid-level politician in the Free Worlds Alliance is throwing a party to promote his re-election. Rangers have been assigned as security as the man is known to have many enemies, legitimate and criminal in nature.
  2. Non-Disclosure: A prominent businessman is being blackmailed by a former employee who stole an incredibly sentimental object and is threatening to destroy it if demands aren't met. Rangers are assigned to track down this man, who has hired a group of thuggish mercenaries under promise of a massive payday, and bring them down, recovering the blackmail material to return to its rightful owner
  3. Drug Test: The brother of the owner of one of the larger starports on Coruscant has fallen on hard times, turning to drugs and falling in with a den of spice cookers and dealers. Rangers are tasked with bringing down this den and taking the brother into custody so he can get the help he needs. Otherwise, it is highly likely the man will die, which his brother wants to avoid at any cost.

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