Write-Up Council Mandates

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Dec 15, 2017
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Jedi Council Mandates

To be read, understood and obeyed by all members of the Jedi Order

  • Jedi will endeavor to obey all local laws of the space they currently find themselves in.
    • Exceptions are made for planets openly hostile to the free peoples of the FWA or to the Jedi Order directly.

  • Jedi will endeavor to follow all lawful commands of local security, police and Sector Ranger forces.

  • Jedi on joint task-missions with Rangers will defer to Ranger commanders unless doing so would contradict other mandates.

  • Jedi will not join military organizations.

  • Jedi will have personal craft fitted with Vector-Class Weapons Locks. Order-owned craft will have these locks fitted as standard for all Jedi use though Temple Guard units will not.

  • Jedi Padawans will conduct missions under the supervision of at least one Jedi Knight, or higher, per pair of Padawans.

  • Jedi will not bring non-Order members directly to Yavin IV without authorization from a Council member. A thorough review process will be undertaken.

  • Jedi will not be excused for breaking these mandates on the grounds of ignorance of said mandates.
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