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Cuga Fortress is a base in the remote parts of the planet of Dathomir. It was directed by the, then, leader of the Knights of Ren, Cuga Ren before his disappearance. It is was intended to be facility that provided safe lodging for those wishing to study Dathomir magic in close proximity discretely. The fortifications of the research facility were closer to that of a moderate castle than a scientific structure.


The surrounding area of Cuga Fortress is typical Dathomir terrain. The winding canyons and valleys make scans and other long distance detection systems inconsistent. The flora of the area is limited to the scrub and high altitude plant life that can survive the conditions. Fauna on the other hand was forced to be exterminated in immediate vicinity before it became safe enough for the foundations of the structure could be made. While the local wildlife is still dangerous it exists beyond the border of the facility and it is up to the occupants of the structure to regularly "prune" the thorns that get too close to Fortress Cuga.


Private Quarters: There are a total of eight individual quarters that are more or less identical. Each have washrooms, beds, and the base necessities.

Common level: The area with the kitchen, modest dining area, store room and security office exists on the common level. This has a twenty meter long entrance to the outside with a hidden entrance disguised among the natural rock formations. Recovered B1 battle droids have been outfitted to operate the security of the structure though they more often than not fall prey to the local fauna or the test dummies of other visitors. There is a small training chamber but otherwise the outdoors are best for lightsaber practice or other physical training.

Hangar: Fitted with facilities capable of repairing small craft (no larger than light freighter) it houses a limited fuel resuply and repair equipment. Built into the side of cliff face, the hangar is unreachable save for a 100 meter climb up (or down) if the visitors are not permitted entrance via the singular surface entrance. Droid recharge and maintenance and othe rmechanical focuses are limited to the hangar level.

Intent: To create originally create a base for the Knights of Ren to congregate and for a place to pursue researching night sister magic. Originally planned to be achieved via plot.


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was the original plot finished? if not, what is the overall intent for this article?