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Dark Empress Viea
( Mistress Plak'la Uss)
Matron Adena Qel-Droma


Age: 1, 275

Height: 1.557 M ( 5ft 11in)

Weight: 66.2 KG (146 lbs) (from tits) (120lbs not counting)

Eyes : Ice Blue

Hair : Autumn Gold/red

Skin: fair.

Home World: Alderaan

Class type : Dark Lord / Danthiri BloodSister

(noble) 6th Level/Jedi Sentinal 20th Level(max)/Jedi Master 10th Level/Sith Lord 10th Level/ BloodSister 7th level
(( 10'th level being the max level in accordance to new editions, older ones had lord, and master listed as 30th)

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 17 (+3)
Intelligence: 20 (+5)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 20 (+5)

Vitality: 37d8+10d10+6d6+159
Wound Points: 17
Defense: 29
Speed: 10 m
Base Attack Bonus: +25/+20/+15/+10/+5

Initiative: +4
Repuation: 13
Fortitude: +23
Reflex: = +24
Will: +29
Melee +25/+20/+15/+10/+5
Ranged +29/+24/+19/+14/+9

Skills and feats see below

Adena comes from a long, and rather difficult to trace part of the Qel-Droma Clan, Ancient records holding such information have been turned to dust.
Adena joined a powerful order dedicated to defending the Galaxt, these ' Knights" reached enlightment, and great powers from the energy waves of reality known as the Force. In time idealists for two differand beliefs entered the sceen, one preaching that the path to further understanding would to be cut off the weaknesses of emotions, and passions, while another claimed that emotions were the key to power, and understanding. the firwed tore the order in half.
The Jedi, and what would later become Sith were born.
Adena chose the side of her emotions, flaunting the abilities she gained infront of the Jedi, however she did not know that this limited view on the force blinded her to so much. As her revel grew so did her intent on proving to the Galaxy who the right side was, leveling cities and even worlds, warping the land as if a goddess of distruction, her need to validate her power growing with each wasted land. It was on a small world near Onderon that Adena met her first step to fate. while attacking a small town Adena had skinned the faces of the still living Children of the population, and wearing them as a delecate silk mask, whilest Slaughtering the adults through impailment, torn limbs, shattered minds,,then her blade turned to the children and infants..thier cries piercing her mind, and she ended the sound in equil cruility.
For this the (sith) order had found that she had gone to far and placed her into stasis, shooting the capsule into space, where she would forver drift, as the decades past Adena slept, her minds eye searching for a way to be free, and doubting the orders decision to split, seeing now only the suffering the two factions had caused..soon a millinea had past, and those who walked the lands of her time, were claimed by it, as well as thier knowledge of the true unified force...
(continues in Lirreka's RP profile)

though she became the back bone of the Jedi shortly after the devestation braught on the Galaxt by the Sith Lord Reven, and Malak; Adena could not sit and watch " her Children" dwindel in their exsistance, fighting amoung themselves, she acted as any mother would. Becoming once more Plak'la Uss, named thus, translated from the Danthiri name of the Golden One. Her presance speeks of age and knowledge long forgotten..The Mother of The Sith, Later dubed Lady Viea by the former Dark Lord.

Dark Empress Viea holds Mastery over
Manipulation and deviousness is rife Much like the Danthiri she spent so long with. Evolving under an ‘us-verses-them’ mentality; the physically letal, and well trained woman playes her ‘strengths’ and learned to be quicker of mind and body than their opponents. Tricks that do succeed against her will only work once, as she never forget when someone outwits her. She is capable of great feats calculated savagery but such events are rare. and is quick to make use of what knowledge she obtains.

Aside from her OWN Ancient past, her knowledge of both aspects of the Force, and " Weaving" Viea has held vast power, and actually gaining dominance over then Dark Lord; Adena Qel- Droma's former mate, Kuelmargh, to rule for nearly six years (Real life years, not IC years) before passing the reigns of the Mantel onto Nikita Qel-Droma, Adena's eldest Daughter, and Plak'la's first Student.
Again she rules over the Sith, promising a smarter breed, ones just as powerful in mind as in power, insuring the survival of the faction. To this date her promis has been kept, the Sith rule over most of the known galaxy, a combination of tact, and cunnin, military expertice, as well as savy buisness connections have birthed a Sith force more powerful, and orginised than ever seen before

.knowledge Jedi lore
Knowledge Sith Lore
sence motive
computer use
.treat injury
gather information
Escape artest
Handel Animal
Move silently

Feats :
Knowledge : Weaving
Knowledge: tactitial
blind fight
combat expertise
combat reflex
spring attack
exotic weapon proficiency
Improved initiative
master martial arts
master two weapon fighting
master Quickness
Animal affinity
Armor Proficiancy (med)
Force Sensitivity
Great fortitude
Head Strong
Master Critical
Iron Will
Lightning reflexes
Star Ship Dodge

blood sister feats

Combat Reload (Ex):
At 1st level, a bloodsister learns to use her hand
crossbow with amazing speed. She can load a hand crossbow as a free action,
which allows her to take the full attack action with the hand crossbow,
furthermore, such is her deftness with this maneuver that the loading action
does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Poison Use (Ex): By 2nd level, a bloodsister masters the use of poison with
her weapons. She never runs the risk of accidentally poisoning herself when
applying poison to a weapon.

Two-Weapon Style (Ex):
The favored melee weapons of the blood sisters
are the short sword and dagger. While so armed and two-weapon fighting, a
bloodsister of 3rd level or higher gains a +1 competence bonus to all her melee

Tunnel Fighting (Ex):
Bloodsisters are trained to fight underground in
confined spaces. They know how to close with enemies quickly and get their
blades up close and personal. When charging an opponent, a blood-sister of
4th level or higher does not provoke attacks of opportunity from that creature by
moving through the squares it threatens.

Improved Two-Weapon Style (Ex): Starting at 7th level, a bloodsister
fighting with both a short sword and a dagger receives a +1 competence bonus
to all her melee damage.

Throw Sword (Ex): When in desperate straights, bloodsisters throw their
swords like daggers. A bloodsister of 6th level or higher can throw short swords
without penalty, with a range increment of 10 feet.

Force Feats
Mind trick
.force wave
Lightsaber combat

burst of speed
lightsaber defence
knights defence.
Master defence
hibernation trance
force mastery
Disipate energy
High Force Mastery

force mind
improved force mind
knights mind
Masters mind
Hide exsistance
stasis sleep

force skills
Battle Mind
Drain Energy
enhance ability
force grip
force lightning
force stealth
force strike
Affect mind...
enhance sences......
far seeing....
heal another...
heal self...
move object...
connect to unified force...
Unified Mastery...
master absourb energy...
master distort objects....
mass mind....
force flight..
force teleport (mv+int)limited to once per day

Danthiri Feats
eyesight is capable of seeing in all forms of darkness.

skilled in the semi-force-like art called ‘Weaving’. The basic elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) plus the more complex structures built by technology can be effected by a Weaver. It takes time and concentration but doors can be made to open, walls to buckle or crumble, breezes formed to carry words to a specific location (range of sight only), fires to flare or go out entirely and the like.

‘slide’ or to appear in a location different from their actual one. It is an optical illusion that warps light waves so will be able to fool cameras and droids that see using the visible spectrum. The displacement is never more then a few feet and lasts for only a brief period. Striking at the false image causes it to fade revealing the true location. AT BEST it can be used once a day.

Shadow Walk ; the ability to phase through shadows as if theye were passages
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