Darth Victress

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Mar 21, 2019
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Darth Victress

Exchange Traitor

Name: Darth Victress

Species: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5.3 ft
Weight: 117 lbs
Combat Level: 2

Skin color: White
Eye color: Blue
Hair color Red

Known Affiliations: Sith Empire
Known Associates: N/A

Last Known Location: Unknown, Korriban assumed

Darth Victress was recently noted to be in cahoots with Cait Aislinn, during her attempt on the life of a senior Council Member of the Exchange. As such, the Exchange considers her to be a traitor, complicit in the attempted murder of this person. She is therefore subjected to a death mark, which, in their mercy and wisdom, the Exchange will be willing to lift on one condition:

The Sith Empire will surrender the Planet of Zygerria, and everything within it borders, to the Exchange, assuring no Imperial or Sith presence, and unfettered access to the planet guaranteed from the acceptance of the agreement, until the end of time.​

Until such a time as this agreement be accepted by the Empire, the reward for this Bounty shall be granted only on the occassion that the death of Darth Victress can be proven.

Client Information

The client is the Exchange

The client is rewarding credits equivalent for the purchase of two pieces of advanced technology if the target is captured Dead or one advanced ship*.
The client is offering a reward of nothing if the target is taken alive Alive.

A body is required to prove the target is dead.

*This ship cannot be a capital-class ship or a faction-specific ship belonging to a faction other than the player's faction (i.e., a Mandalorian could not purchase a Sith-specific ship).

OOC Target Information

This is a PC target and can be found via an espionage plot, killed/captured in any thread NOT labelled as Death/Capture Disabled or when they enter into an open PVP thread. Please link the relevant threads below when/if the bounty is filled. @Faded Truth