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May 7, 2020
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NAME: Dashiellsyvic Lebowski
FACTION: Five Syndicates (Freelance)
RANK: Enforcer
SPECIES: Near-Human
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs.
HOMEWORLD: Nar Shaddaa

Lebowski stands at an average six feet and weighs around one hundred and eighty pounds. He has brown eyes and messy jet-black hair. When he's not on the job, Lebowski likes to wear t-shirts and jeans of all manner. He usually has a smile on his face and carries himself with an upbeat attitude. Lebowski's most notable physical trait is his cybernetic right arm.

Lebowski is fairly intuitive and clever and always seems to have good enough grasp on his surrounding to have a back up plan. Though he isn't as good of close-quarters fighter, he's decent enough to hold his own. Lebowski prefers using blasters during combat and relies on his smarts to out maneuver his opponents so he can get a clean shot, a clean getaway, or both. His abilities as a slicer make him a valuable asset on covert missions though he could work a bit on stealth. As far as piloting goes, he doesn't think he's anything special, but his skills would say otherwise.

STR: Mid
DEX: Mid
CON: Mid
WIS: High
INT: High
CHA: Mid

Lebowski doesn't ever pretend to be something he's not. He's a loyal friend, fun at parties, and always seems to have a rational, yet optimistic, outlook on life. Whenever Lebowski get's nervous, he'll try to break the tension with his arsenal of dad jokes, which occasionally gets him into more trouble given how serious the situation can be. He's also an unintentional source of random knowledge and will always take any chance to explain the historical significance of the A280, the biology of a Krayt Dragon, or the reason why R2 units will always be the superior astromech droid.

Deep down inside, Dash believes he's doomed to anonymity and is actually pretty depressed. He's always wanted to know why his parents abandoned him and he believes it was because he was a mistake they wanted to leave behind. As such, the subject of his parents is a touchy one and he'll try to subtly change the subject the best he can to avoid it. He also hates cats. Another one of Dash's quirks is that he's a bit of a kleptomaniac. If he sees something that looks valuable, it's incredibly hard for him to stop thinking about all the ways he can try and grab it for himself. Though this can make him an ambitious thief, it also gets him into more trouble than what it's worth.

Growing up as orphan on Nar Shaddaa was rough. But, he kinda struck out lucky with his strange mentor. He learned how to slice and handle a blaster from this mentor and even learned how to assemble and tinker with his own set of armor. His mentor gave him a place to stay and eat and Dash will always be grateful for that. When it was time for Dash to set out on his own, he decided to take his mentor's name, Lebowski, as his surname to pay homage to the man who helped him survive on the Scoundrel's Moon. It's also easier to pronounce than his first name.

Since then, Dash has been trying to make a name for himself, which ended up with him working for the Syndicates through the Underworld. So far, he's barely scratched the surface on being an outlaw, but he's more than excited to take chances that'll roll his career into motion. Somewhere along the way, he lost his arm due to a dangerous bounty on Saleucami where a band of nexus cornered him. Luckily, OG Lebowski's old set of Haxion Brood bounty armor protected Dash well enough that he was able to walk away.

- History/Investigation
- Perception/Insight
- Slicing/Espionage
- Marksmanship/Sleight of Hand

- Athletics/Endurance
- Acrobatics/Stealth
- Martial Arts/Melee Combat
- Piloting/Engineering
- Persuasion/Deception

- Intimidation/Performance


- Civilian Clothes
- Security Spikes (3)
- Personav (1)
- Dataphone (1)
- Signal Tracer (1)
- Port Scanner (1)

- Bounty Hunting Armor (1)

- Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ship "Indubitably I" (1)

- N/A

- R2-series Astromech "Bubba" (1)​
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