Restricted Weapon DC-17x Interchangeable Weapon System


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Dec 1, 2015
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DC-17x Interchangable Weapon System

Open Market


Rough dimensions

5 kg



100 Shots - blaster
5 Shots - sniper
1 Shot - launcher

Semi Automatic

40 meters - blaster
450 meters - sniper
25 meters - launcher - (4 meter blast)

A In times of war blasters are the tools of the trade. Leading up to the Clone Wars, BlasTech developed the DC line of blaster weaponry. First and foremost it came up with an Interchangable Weapon System with the DC-17m. The repeating blaster and its compact design was solid primary weapon for the elite Clone Commando units that utilized them at the time. Because of the heavy restrictions at the time, the DC-17m was not available for purchase by any military buyers until a few years into the Clone Wars and even then the Republic tried to keep an eye on BlasTech's customers. The DC-17m was not produced on a masssive scale and so are virtually never found today.

Prior to the rise of the First Order, BlasTech reapproached the design of the DC-17. The hand blaster and other products from the line are still somewhat popular even today. Already there continued use of modular pistols like the A180 and the configurable carbine version of the DL-44 have lead the minds at BlasTech to reapproach the older design with some changes.

The drawbacks of this design still remain somewhat. The DC-17x still requires a sufficient amount of care and there are hardier blasters on the market. The smaller dimensions with the stock collapsed make rapidly firing the blaster leads to the barrel heating up significantly. The undermounted grip has a built in flashlight but also keeps the offhand of it's owner from getting burned. Thankfully the removal of the automatic fire-selector makes the DC-17x not a repeater like its forebearer. Still, after firing, it is advised to use caution before switching out the blaster barrel.

The blocky rear end of the DC-17x has an extendable stock. This is not as comfortable as some blasters though is almost certainly required if using the sniper mode. The blaster can be synced with Clone HUD and show its ammo counter making its specifications that much more appealing to the high end customer. A holographic scope and sighs are otherwise used to aim and a side mounted ammo counter.

Like the DC-17m, the newest version of the ICWS also requires its owner to split the ammo they carry. First, the user must eject the ammo, spent or otherwise, and vent any tibanna stored in the blaster if charged. Afterwards, swapping the desired barrel out will then allow for the respected ammo type to be loaded and then used. Practicing these maneuvers is often required and Republic Commandos often received specialized training to quickly disassemble and reassemble in the field.

The heavy stopping power of the sniper mode and smaller frame was a hard thing to deal with in the original design for BlastTech. The use of the stock and the slower firing speed allows a sharpshooter to keep their crosshairs on target a little easier but other dedicated long-blasters are still better for that purpose. A built in accelerator is notably on the tip of the sniper barrel. Only a single shot can be fired per second while in sniper mode and remaining stationary and substantially braced is also advised. Each mod of the DC-17x does require that it be carried somewhere if not used. The trusty design of the DC-17x makes it reliable even when traveling to harsh climates with troublesome weather.

A portable grenade launcher is the third configuration option on the DC-17x. Like the sniper and blaster, the launcher uses its own specialized ordinance. Most of the standard grenade designs can be specially ordered by BlasTech or by munition manufacturers at a worthy expensive price. The grenades are loaded one at a time after the attachment has been connected, the grenades are fitted slotted into the launching tube. A decent amount of recoil is released when a grenade is launched. Whichever grenade is used in the launcher, they are only armed once fired out out of the sidemounted launching tube until it impacts. The launched ordinance has a reduced area of affect by one meter however always trigger on impact. The high velocity of these solid objects still reflect off of shields since they are high moving objects are even non-lethal smoke grenades can still do light stun damage as some outspoken galactic citizens might have learned first hand.

Nowadays the DC-17x is used by military organizations, pirates, bounty hunters and law enforcement. The costly price and military target audience makes the DC-17x a more frequent sight than its ancestor but still less so than more wide spread DC models. Some of the old technology from the DC-17m has been known to have a bug where it automatically syncs with some old clone trooper armors if the weapon hasn't recently come off the production line. However after it is reset and synced with the new HUD the error goes away.

Certain legal restrictions apply depending on civilization. Standard licensing is required for owning a blaster and this is a military grade weapon for professionals.

I wanted to add to the canon information on this weapon and expand on it with a site usable version for others to enjoy. Based on the canon with some tweaks. The original/older design was a repeater and with the site rules I wanted to also to be able to use the DC-17 and not have to worry about the repeater related stuff.

Due to the nature of this weapon's design it cannot be modified with any aftermarket modifications.
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