December 2018 Newsletter

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Nov 28, 2010
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December 31st, 2018

Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
Welcome to the first Fire of Rebellion Newsletter! This months newsletter includes lots of information about the new timeline that you want to know and more!


Site Changes & Information
Newer Site Changes & information

Minor Update Log:
  • The Staff List has been updated to be more visually helpful and to reflect the recent shift in staff.
  • @Insalius has switched to the Lore Administrator role.
  • @Nefieslab and @Arclight have switched to the Plot Administrator role.
  • The Story Administrator role has been removed.
  • @Brandon Rhea has stepped down but will occasionally advise staff.
Get your character mentioned on the newsletter:

A Newsletter Submission thread has been posted in the Story OOC, where you can submit threads you think should be mentioned in the newsletter. You can submit important or consistent PvP wins by one side, short or long faction plots and more. You may submit thread done by other members; anyone is free to submit any thread they think should be mentioned in the newsletter.

Please do not be afraid to submit threads or shy away from a submission you aren't sure about.

If the Newsletter Submission thread isn't used monthly, it'll be removed. Staff members appreciate active members and their contributions to the site and story, and want to know about them and keep track of them so all other members can too. It helps everyone stay connected and in the loop, and gives newer or returning members a chance to get involved in activities they otherwise might not of known about. We are considering adding another reward system in the future, and by actively submitting threads for the newsletter you might have a chance to reap these rewards.

Things you might've missed:

If you haven't already, please take a look at the PvP Rulings Log as you might find it a helpful reference for future conflicts.

Older Site Changes & Information

This timeline takes place 500 years after the events of the seventh timeline, The First Sith. The year in-character (IC) is 500 After the Battle of Coruscant (ABC), while the OOC timeframe is roughly 6398 Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY). As Yavin is not an event that exists in our canon yet, we will use ABC in-character. Unlike last timeline, there haven’t been any major mechanics changes, but for those of you just coming in, here are the main factions:
Also unlike last timeline, this time three of the four factions are starting off with Faction Leaders:
  • Galactic Alliance Faction Leader: @Minuteman75
  • Imperial Republica Faction Leader: @Rexx
  • The Old Sith Faction Leader: @Narsi
  • The Mandalorian faction will remain without a leader at launch, but the members will have to work together to identify a new Mand’alor!

As a reminder, after you post a character, you do not need an approval to begin roleplaying. However, you do need an approval before you can participate in faction events or missions.

On Jedi:

Additionally, members may not start off directly as a Jedi. The Jedi were driven to the point of near extinction in the last timeline. As a result, there are only five existing Jedi Characters at launch and it is up to them to recruit new members through roleplay and build up the faction. The five Jedi are:

  1. @Valen Pelora
  2. @Orbit
  3. @Sangga
  4. @Mithias
  5. @Deviant
The above members are the only ones permitted to submit a character with the Jedi tag and already as a Jedi. If you’d like to make a Jedi, please mark your character as an independent Force user with rank ‘Jedi Hopeful’. After this, please contact one of the five to set up a thread to be initiated into the faction. Building up the Jedi ranks will rely solely on in-character and story efforts.

Other Important Information:

Below are a few links for reference to all the new materials to get started this timeline. If you are a new member, please reach out to @Dread or @Faster Than Light for assistance.

  • The Level System: Levels and ranks have seen a rework this timeline. Ranks and levels are no longer locked together, but can be gained independently of one another. Levels determine a character's power and ability, while ranks have a greater determination of the character's reputation, input into a faction, and clout. In addition, the credits to obtain each level have been altered. Please visit the link above for more details.
  • Technology: The Technology Rules have seen a lot of minor tweaks, so make sure you read them and take a look at the adjusted templates- specifically for armor. While you work up your own submissions, feel free to start using the six and a half pages of starter tech we've worked up for you, and take a peek at the updated armor functions list to help get those reskins going! As a final note, you may notice that we've removed the Faction Assets board and the rules that went with it, meaning the grind for shipyards is a thing of the past. If you want to help develop your factions fleets more organically or use significant military assets for a plot idea, work with your Faction Leader to craft an appropriate plot or usage and then Admins will approve things on a case by case basis. Have fun!
  • Lore: The Lore rules have remained mostly the same, but this timeline, for the first time in SWRP history, lore from the previous timeline has carried over into this timeline! Thank you to everyone who contributed to lore! Keep up the good work!
  • Updated Bounty Hunting Rules!
  • It is important to read the Character Creation Rules & Guide otherwise you will slow down the approval process by needing corrections.

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
  • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

Wins and Losses
(CPvP NOT included)

  1. Eddard Thul Drast defeated and killed Alika Kazaczecho when he stabbed her between the tatas.
  2. Henne Trea was defeated and killed by Larisa Arkyadvich after Castor Chume'da Volante held her down.
  3. Jedrek was defeated and killed by a hail of blaster bolts and a grenade from Toland Vult, Leandros and Rud Solus.
  4. Jacki was defeated and blown into dust by a grenade from Toland Vult
  5. Wyatt Solus defeated Sythe by knocking him out with a stun bolt to the head.
These characters are now Level 2:
  1. N/A
These characters are now Level 3:
  1. N/A
These characters are now Level 4:
  1. N/A
These characters have have ranked up:
  1. Raz Solus has ranked up to Rally Master (Mandalorian)

Plot and Events Updates
  • The Life Day Event is currently underway.
  • There are currently 62 plots underway
  • One plot has been completed.

Completed Player Plots

Just Mando Things
Clan Solus stole a Audacious-class Corvette from the Imperial Republica.

Important IC News

State of the Galactic Alliance

The Galactic Alliance has been establishing unofficial control over Tatooine so the remote world can serve as a new base of operations. They've been aiding and defending settlements, repulsing Tusken Raider attacks and subduing their chieftains, in turn earning the loyalty of the local militia called the Tatooine Rangers into the cause.

One fearless team saved a clan of Jawas from tusken raiders. Subsequently, after some haggling the Jawa agreed to letting their new business partners to use their Sandcrawler as a mobile monitoring post to listen into planetary communications.

A highly influential smuggler named Quinn Derang on the planet was found by the rebels and following tough negotiations they manged to convince him to support the Alliance’s efforts.

Meanwhile, an assault force of starfighters and dropships attacked a remote pirate stronghold called Bo'marr Castle that once served as a monastery. In spite of spirited resistance by the Blood Trident pirates, the rebels and their commander overwhelmed their disorganized defenses and took the fortress that will now serve as their main headquarters on Tatooine.

The last remaining Jedi have been thrust into action, recruiting and training Force Sensitive rebels into their ranks. Slowly, they've set themselves on the path of returning hope and light to a galaxy choked in a vice of the Dark Side.

State of the Old Empire

The Imperial Republica has gone too far in the eyes of the Old Empire and it's Dark Lord, outright attacking the Old Empire's forces on Medriaas and elsewhere throughout the galaxy. Even worse, the Republica's Emperor has refused to own up to his own actions and instead blames any transgression upon the Old Empire.

The Dark Lord of the Sith has decided not to allow it any longer. He has begun marshaling his forces, preparing to strike a lethal blow in revenge. Promising his people that Rebels, Mandalorians, and False Sith alike, will all fall before the might of the Old Empire and True Sith ways.

But the Old Empire is not simply a force of destruction, it's Dark Lord is capable of playing the games of politicians. He agreed to do an interview with a reporter from the Impieral Republica named Jacob Tagger. Whether the Dark Lords attempt to bring good PR to his Empire will work or not is still up in the air.

State of the Imperial Republica

The Impeiral Republica's Emperor believes that the Selkath of Manaan control one of the most precious resources in the galaxy, and that it is vital to not only the war effort but also the wider galaxy as a whole that the resource flows most easily into the Republica. The Republica's most faithful and righteous have heard the Emperor's call, moving out to obtain a relationship with Manaan.

However, as Emperor Elix the V focused on manaan some of his own people have begun to test his authority. A Republica reporter named Jacob Tagger reported poor conduct of the Republica's Sith, leaving it's people shaken by not only the report but the lack of reaction from the Emperor. Worst yet, a small but upcoming mandalorian clan has dealt several deadly blows against the Republica, all of which have been met with nothing but silence from the Emperor.

If the Emperor continues to remain silent about the issues, he may find himself and his Empire in trouble very soon.

State of the Mandalorians

The mandalorian rebellion has become more and more aggressive. One clan in particular—Clan Solus, lead by Rally Master Raz Solus—has made several strikes against the Imperial Republica. All of which were devastating yet have not drawn attention from Emperor Elix V.

Clan Solus successfully stole a Audacious-class Corvette and accompanying fighters from the Imperial Republica, easily melting what little resistance they came across. Later, they sent the ship into the Kuat Ship Yards, striking a huge blow against the Republica. Yet, still, drawing no attention from the seemly distracted Emperor. The same small and upcoming clan repelled several imperial agents from non-imperial worlds, foiling missions from both Empire's.

The war has only started, yet the future looks bright for the mandalorian's. Though there is still one missing figure: the Manda'lor. Who will step up to the plate and be the leader the mandalorian's need?

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