Weapon DG-34 Peacemaker Heavy Blaster Pistol

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Dec 3, 2011
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BlasTech Industries.

32cm length


Hardwood, Durasteel, Dallorian alloy

Heavy stun

30 shots per pack

Semi Automatic


The DG-34 Peacemaker was introduced by BlasTech to compete against newer blaster models by other companies that attracted the gunslinger crowd. A modern callback to earlier models such as the DG-29, the Peacemaker was advertised as a well made blaster designed for professional use. It was noted for its durability, reliability, and sheer style all married to heavy firepower.

Unlike its predecessors, the Peacemaker does not merely have a coating of Dallorian alloy. While the base frame is durasteel, the barrel and shroud are both constructed of the heat resistant alloy, allowing for continuous fire that would risk warping or melting simple durasteel. The weapon is very finely balanced and is almost entirely symmetrical, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to dual wield their pistols. It even forgoes the macroscope so common in BlasTech models, instead having simple iron sights on the top frame. The Peacemaker was designed for fairly close range, rapid fire engagements, and this reflects in its design.

To reload, the user pulls and lowers the front rod to unseal the loading chamber, removes the spent pack, and inserts a new one. The lights on both the pack and the rod at the front indicate the weapon's setting; green for safety on, blue for stun, and red for lethal. The power packs come in a variety of tibanna gas mixtures and qualities, which can result in different bolt colours. Each pack can be recharged and refilled many times before needing replacement. Unusually, the refill cable from each power pack can be connected to the weapon itself, which has a port just in front of the hinge. While this allows the pack to be topped off using specialty holsters or containers, most users simply remove the cabling.

Because of its balanced weight, slim profile, and sensitive trigger, the Peacemaker has a silky smooth draw and tends to be favoured by quick-draw artists across the outer rim. New develops in blaster technology shied have away from the brute force approach used by some competing heavy blasters. Instead of simply forcing more power and gas through the weapon, the Peacemaker condenses its bolts and uses a higher quality cycler. This results in high power and accuracy, good range, and limits recoil.

Similar to previous models using a Dallorian alloy, frequent use tends to result in a polychromatic sheen on and around the tip of the barrel colloqially called 'slingshine' by those in the know. The grip defaults to a white-coloured wood, but both the manufacturer and private blaster shops can manufacture and attach custom grips, including engravings. A small set of specialty tools comes with the weapon for maintenance and repair.

While the Peacemaker isn't the most common blaster pistol owing to its price tag, it can be found in the hands of pistolero professionals the galaxy. From Sector Rangers to Syndicate gunslingers, a Peacemaker on the hip is a sign its owner knows a good gun when they see one.

Legal. Ownership of blaster pistols is not restricted in most of the Galaxy, however openly carrying such a weapon in public might be on more "civilized" worlds. On less civilized worlds, it still might draw unwanted scrutiny.

To introduce a stylish new option to the heavy blaster category for the consummate gunslinger.