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Jan 31, 2021
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Dokkaebi are translucent gel-like creatures, typically around a foot in length. They are a Eukaryotic organism, and their cells and veins can be viewed due to their translucent plasma membrane-type body. They have the appearance of a fox or dog-like creature as well: Four-legs, tails, a pointed nose, and tipped ears. They stay the same shape and size from birth to death. Their bodies are selectively permeable, allowing certain liquids and gasses to pass through, but can still be damaged by solid objects. To the touch, their bodies will feel more slippery than sticky or gooey, as if they were covered in water. This means they are unable to carry, hold, or pick up objects.

These creatures have a strange connection to the force. Although they are not able to use it to the extent of sentient beings, they are able to use it as a 6th sense, travel, and perform certain bodily functions with it. For example, they seem to use force as a method to eat, communicate, and they mostly travel by levitating. However, they are able to move on the ground like other animals. They do not make any verbal noise either.

  • Planet: Zakuul. They currently cannot be found on any other planet, and are unable to live on planets that lack a strong presence in the force or that have a strong dark-side presence. Dokkaebis typically reside in the jungles of Zakuul but avoid the swamps.

  • Lifespan: In its natural environment, Dokkaebis are expected to live anywhere between 150-200 standard years. The longest living Dokkaebi lived for 300 years. Its life span can heavily vary depending on what planet and environment it is in. If living on a planet with a lot of dark-side energy, Korriban for example, then the Dokkaebi may only live for a few months.

  • Diet: Although Eukaryotic, Dokkaebi are able to go through a process similar to photosynthesis, they do not have chloroplasts in their body. The Dokkaebi use the force in a manner similar to Force Sustenance. They are able to convert solar energy from the sun into energy for themselves. In order for them to collect solar energy, any part of the Dokkaebi must be exposed to sunlight.

  • Behaviour: Although they are non-sentient, Dokkaebi possess a level of intelligence similar to dolphins. They are able to communicate and are able to react to certain emotional events. However, they do not seem to be sapient or possess a conscience. Dokkaebis are able to communicate amongst each other telepathically, however, they are unable to speak to any other species. Despite this, they seem to be able to pass knowledge to other creatures in the form of brief images, but they are only able to do it to force users. For it to work, a force user has to be able to create a force bond with a Dokkaebi. When communicated telepathically amongst one another, they send thoughts and emotions towards one another instead of actual words. It seems they are able to understand each other through this method, and it is somewhat similar to a hive-mind.

    Dokkaebis are a nomadic species and they all travel together during the day. During the night, they all lay together and rest. Usually, during the day they can be seen playing with one another, roaming around, or simply bathing in the sunlight. They are not aggressive and are very passive. Sometimes, they even go up to new things to observe them as well. They will show a certain level of curiosity towards sentient beings, especially those with a conscience.

  • Breeding: When nearing their death, a Dokkaebi will go through mitosis. They will hibernate and glow slightly, as their bodies will seemingly split in half. However, each half is a brand new Dokkaebi. This process can take up to a day.

  • Strengths: The Dokkaebi's strength is its level of intelligence. As a non-combative species, they typically avoid danger by levitating high up or maneuvering around a predator. They are extremely swift, and can even move as fast as 70 mph.

  • Weaknesses: Highly susceptible to changes in their environments, possess zero combative abilities, and are very weak in terms of strength.

It is believed that the Dokkaebis were born via the creation of a force nexus, which would explain their strange connection to the phenomena. Due to their affinity for the light side of the force, it is believed that they were born from the force nexus in Belkadan, at the Valley of the Jedi. Ancient Jedi most likely brought them to Zakuul, for unknown reseason.

They are relatively unknown in recent history, only some Jedi and Sith knowing about the creatures. However, these creatures had constant contact with the ancient Jedi. The Jedi would go to Zakuul to meditate amongst the Dokkaebi and draw from the strong light sided presence in the Dokkaebis' jungle. The last force user to ever see a Dokkaebi was Luke Skywalker. Before him, the last sighting of a Dokkaebi was probably around 800 bby.

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