Religion Draugr's Order Of Mortalis (DOOM)


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Jan 10, 2021
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Draugr's Order Of Mortalis

It is said, the Blooded Prince would bring the galaxy to kneel.
Only those who follow will be rewarded with true freedom, and harmony.


The Cult was established by Nightbrothers in favor of Draugr as he rose the ranks of the Sith and taught them the ways of Nightsister magick. Although not all were successful in learning it's capabilities, they found that the first person to bring them a feeling of being wanted was the Sith Master Draugr. A fellow Nightbrother of Dathomir. When he had left the village he had last visited turned their Clan into a following of Draugr. Thus the birth of the blood cult began. Draugr's Order Of Mortalis was kept local at first, but as the village spread word, more followers began to come into the ranks amongst the Cult itself.

Members were spread through the galaxy but not entirely public for all to know of. Their setting was underground to keep hidden from the likes of leaders whom may not approve. The Marrow would host meetings via holo for the members not on Dathomir to follow in the Prophecies of the Blood Prince, also known as the Animus. They gave a few different secret names for Draugr to keep him safe from the likes of any foes to DOOM.

Blood sacrifices of animals or, for large ceremonies, people would be given in the name of the Blood Prince for favor in future endeavors to the Bled. The Marrow would lead this ceremony or whichever appointed Sinew in a place the Marrow may not be present would also take place in the lead role. Whether or not it brought them favor wasn't in the question. More so just the fact they could give their Animus their thanks for his prophesized actions. Written scriptures for his prochesies can be found on Dathomir in the village the Marrow stays. Though wherever the Marrow goes, so will the scripture.

The small faction DOOM would be scarce as of right now, but with the spreading of the word it will grow and grow. Draugr himself is unaware of this cult for now, but should followers among the Bled make a good impression with their actions and services, it may come to light for the prophesized Blooded Prince, and Animus.

Rank System


Cult Hierarchy

-- The Marrow: The leader of DOOM, which spreads the prophecies of The Blooded Prince
The Sinew: The leading members and Councilors of DOOM
The Pulsares: The teachers, and tester to the new followers
The Bled: The main body of the following in DOOM
The Veins: The new followers yet to prove their place among The Bled


This is for the sake of bringing a small npc faction for players to have fun having their characters join. A cult for the sake of roleplay opportunities and possibly even expansion.