drawing a line


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Nov 27, 2005
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* note this takes place AFTER Amnesty day, though is rushed due to the pending skip*

Ando Prime was a cold, unforgiving place, home now to only glaciers and the scars of battle, and long forgotten ruins. It was much different than Ossus. The sweeping planes, rolling hills, and massive step temple complexes of the Jedi order suddenly seemed surreal to the young Kiffar master. Air redolent with life, rather than the numbing bite of a everlasting winter.

Sal-Devra Quithmaren had been " home" only a few moments. Her trip to ando prime (under the councils nose none the less) to recover the bodies of fallen republic, and Jedi companions went unexpectedly well despite the bitter cold and constant Hutt escort. The Dark skinned woman even had to suppress the smile as she recalled the discovery of the unknown force temple, and her befriending of a Hutt Grand Admiral. Both would cause an uproar if discovered, and for this reason she suppressed the memories deep. There would be time for these matters later.

As it was, Sal had learned that the Grand-Master had herself only returned recently. This is who Sal wanted to see. On her time away the young master had time to consider a great many things. She sat on the shuttle, facing a wall and allowing the days to slip by as she held herself in deep shikentaza meditation.

Sal smiled to herself as she slipped though the main temple, working her way to the grand masters personnel chambers. A small climate controlled container under her arm. She doubted her master would be in the room, and this suited her just fine. Sal would wait, she had already waited this long.

Her plan was simple, " throw" her presence to make her seem else where or at the very least harder to pinpoint, slip into Talzea's chambers and wait. Patting the container again, the Kiffar smirked at thought of the gift she had within.