Empire at War


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Sep 11, 2010
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Empire at War

Mission Pack

The recent attacks on our Empire have left us looking vulnerable to the outside galaxy. Weak. This is not inline with our identities as Sith. The Empire must rise to these challenges, and it must do so swiftly, unless we want the tides of history to sweep our Empire under the waves along with every other failed Sith Empire before it. Fortunately, we have leaders like @Altair Din who came up with a series of important plans to claw us out of the jaws of defeat. Each of us has a role to play in the Empire's survival and preservation. This is yours.

Mission #1 — Take Down the Matrix [Open]

Assemble a strike team to land covertly on Bothuwui. Your target is the central HoloNet hub in the floating gas giant city Drev'starn. Disrupting this hub will shut down the ISC's Bothan spy network and give us an edge on the intelligence front. Data plagues are the recommended method of attack since they take a long time and massive resources to undo, and can also help us to secure some of the information stored on that hub. However, destroying the hub entirely is an option as a last resort.

Participants (2-3): @Xorism

Mission #2 — Boil the Seas [Open]

In the meantime, assemble a second team to land on the surface of Mon Cala. The Quarren resent the ISC presence on Mon Cala due to the favorability the Consortium shows the Mon Cala people and their shipbuilders. Assist the Quarren in a coup'd'etat of the shipyards and we can achieve a bloodless take over of Mon Cala that will simultaneously cut the ISC off from some of its largest shipyards and secure those very shipyards for ourselves.

Participants (2-3): @Mr. Teatime, @Alhon

Mission #3 — Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands [Open] FULL

A third strike team will go to Manaan undercover with the intention of poisoning the kolto supply. If we can't have our share of kolto—no one can. Disguised as ecotourists, the strike team will enter the Hrakert Rift and inject a toxin right into the vents of kolto on the ocean floor. Be advised that no weapons are allowed in Ahto City and fighting will result in detainment by the authorities.

Participants (2-3): @Malon, @Altaris, @LadyRen

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