Approved Escalation: The Costs of War


Lord of Naps
SWRP Writer
Jun 11, 2013
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What is going to happen in your plot? The Sector Rangers send representatives out to four major worlds within the FWA to raise capital for a more traditional military force.

What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this? Open to any Sector Rangers / Allies

How many threads will this plot have? Four

Include opposition type for each thread (DM, dice, ASK/OPEN, etc): Self-DM

What do you or your character hope to achieve with this plot? What is the "end-game?” Link any items you’re seeking if applicable. This would be the first plot in a series of several to begin building The Sector Defense Force, a militia to defend against the growing threats against the FWA.

Do you need any involvement of canon/site NPCs or faction leaders to be DMed by a staff member? If so, please detail who/what and for what purpose. No, unless you would like an additional thread with either the Sector Ranger Chief or FWA Councilor.