Faction Changes: 5S and Mandalorians


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Mar 12, 2015
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Faction Changes: 5S and Mandalorians

Five Syndicates
After much deliberation, the Five Syndicates faction is being reworked. Namely, they will no longer be a unified faction, but will be made up of individual constituent factions.

What will this look like for the factions? The current write-up will be archived and individuals are welcome to make write-ups for each of the syndicates and post them on the wiki, but they will once again be independent organizations. Ultimately, this came down to a decision that it was impractical to have rival and feuding organizations under one banner. It further created inconsistencies to pull in Independent contractors who should not have had a definitive standing in the organization as members of a single organization. It has led to many confusions that will hopefully be put right with this change.

What will this look like for characters? Characters who have joined one of the major five Syndicates will remain members of those Syndicates going forward and those who are independent contractors will remain so. All character's subaccounts will be switched over to "Independent."

The Mandalorians are being moved back to Independent faction status. While this will not change much from a day-to-day operations for many of the players in the faction, but will be a consideration when it comes to faction assets and other OOC considerations.