Faction Territories

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Dawn of the Republic

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Feb 21, 2016
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Faction Territories
For a more comprehensive map, see here.

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The original version of this map is from Star Wars: The Essential Atlas.
Modifications, including adding planets from the new Star Wars canon, were done by Green Ranger, Bigfatpenn, and Prudence.

If you're just joining us, or you need a quick refresher on the state of the galaxy, there are three main factions in Star Wars: Dawn of the Republic. In dark blue is the Republic. One of the sub-factions of the Republic is the Border Alliance, whose worlds are marked in green. It should be noted, however, that while we have marked them separately on the map, the worlds in the Border Alliance are still part of the Republic and have representation in the Galactic Senate.

The planets in the red territory are the worlds of the Sith Brotherhood. Once, the Sith had a much larger domain, but when the old Sith Empire fell one hundred years ago, the domain of the Sith became much smaller. They now rule from the Twin Worlds of Moraband and Korriban, while the Sacred Band of Ziost is based on - you guessed it - the planet Ziost.

Scattered across the galaxy, from Ilum in the north all the way to Lothal in the south, you will find cyan territory. This represents Jedi territory. In our timeline, the Jedi control territory as protectorates of their own. Many of these worlds have Jedi temples. Worlds within these territories that do not have temples are strongholds of the Jedi Order, with the citizens under the protection of the Jedi.

If an independent faction grows large enough and starts holding territory of its own, that territory will be marked in a light blue color to denote that it belongs to an independent faction. There are currently no independent factions that meet these criteria.

This map will be updated as factions acquire more territory through combat, or through diplomatic means. When a planet becomes a battleground between the factions, the winning faction will claim the entire grid square around that planet. This allows real movement and momentum in the timeline, so battles end up being for grid squares rather than individual planets.

The map will also be updated as more planets are introduced into the official Star Wars canon. This map contains all new planets from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, excluding Ahch-To, the planet where Luke Skywalker spent his exile; and many of the major worlds from Star Wars Rebels.

Please note that this map does NOT include all available planets, so just because a planet is not listed here does not mean it cannot be used. To find more planets, we recommend consulting Wookieepedia. If you have questions about whether a planet listed on Wookieepedia can be used, please feel free to contact an administrator. However, we recommend sticking with the many planets that are available on this map, as they offer a very comprehensive look at the Star Wars galaxy.

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