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Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates



Hello fellow SWRPers! We've had some key changes on the site so please read!

Insalius and Rom have stepped down from the staff team. On behalf of the remaining staff and SWRP, we'd like to thank them for their work! They were fantastic additions to the team and we wish them all the best on their future endeavors!

Mr. Teatime has been promoted to Story Admin and Nefieslab has rejoined the staff team as a Story Mod! We are thrilled to see these changes and are very excited to see where they take the story. Please join us in congratulating them both!

Many of you have mentioned a large uptick in the Five Syndicates activity. After lots of discussion we've decided it only makes sense to grant it the status of a Main Faction again! You'll find the Five Syndicates forum remade under Factions and Organizations section. This, of course, means that Eccles now holds the title of one of the Syndicate Main Faction Leaders! Congratulations! We look forward to seeing where he drives the faction and hope to continue to see the faction's activity grow!

Important Update on Claiming Artifacts

Members who have completed threads to obtain artifacts that are written in the lore boards can now post to claim said items. The tag on the article will be updated to “claimed” in order to avoid confusion with those who may be seeking their next great treasure.

If you have previously obtained an artifact, please post in this thread so that your achievement may be noted!

In Other News

The Admin team, in the spirit of free form, have decided to remove the rule that a writer can only be a council level (Dark Council, Five Syndicates Crime Lord, Jedi Council, Rangers Captain) member of one main faction only. This meaning that writers can for example, have one character be a Jedi Councilor and then have another character that's a Dark Council member, whereas before this wasn't allowed.

If one person does have different characters that are at these levels, they are advised not to neglect one faction in favor of the other, and of course not meta-game, .etc. Council-level members are expected to be active in their roles in the faction, and any bad-faith abuse will be looked into by staff.

Of course, a writer can only still be faction leader of one main faction at a time. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask an admin or in the #help-desk on Discord.

General Time Update
  • It is now 106 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 141 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


Story Spotlight

Holonet Frenzy!

The holonet has been hot with activity in recent days, more so than usual through galactic airwaves.

Anti Jedi and Sith sentiments have been rising across the galaxy. This began with an impassioned Holonet declaration calling for independent systems to band and ally together by Emryc Thorne (secretly known as @Darth Raze). Accusations were thrown at the Free World Alliance for failing to protect planets within its borders. The Jedi offered their own Holonet address in response to a holonet address from the Sullust government, putting bounties on the Jedi for the their's role in the attack on the Sith prison there.

Several Free World Alliance senators traveled to Naboo to meet with Emryc Thorne and Jedi representatives. Emryc Thorne was shot down by Sith on the way there, sparking more anti Force user sentiments. The meeting held animosity between the groups and friction was clear among the senators. Emryc Thorne presented the concept of a Galactic Senate that would recognize the Free World Alliance, Independent Systems and Jedi representatives.

Free World Alliance senators met internally to discuss the proposal idea. In the middle of that a Holo address came forth that the Free World Alliance was allegedly planning to vote against the idea of a universal Galactic Senate. This received a swift rebuttal from Emryc Thorne, decrying the refusal of the Free World Alliance to recognize and give voice to Independent Systems.

Since then, Senator @Soygun York was reportedly arrested, but this news hadn’t left the FWA space. As a result of ongoing instability, several fringe worlds have started to discuss and act on leaving the Free World Alliance.

State of the Galaxy


Disturbed by recent events and Anti-Force user sentiment, @Oren Zapan has gone into exile and left the Jedi Order. Nara Allam has chosen to join her old master on his journey. Jedi Knight @Elias Ryn and Jedi Councilor @Hannibal Grayza discovered an overgrown temple hidden in the hills of Tython, marking its position for potential expansion and refurbishment.

In more grim news, Jedi Master @Nykoria Tallis was captured by two Sith, Wolfgang (@Cyrus Anvari) and @Darth Ceryx. She is now in the tender care of Ceryx and @Morgan Ali as they attempt to turn her from the Jedi. In addition the Jedi-led effort to chase the Five Syndicates out of Kessel was stopped by the defenders.

But in more optimistic news, the Jedi are looking to strengthen their historical ties with the Wookies, and at the same time letting their Padawans take charge of missions for this endeavor, with Knights and/or Masters being assessing them as they do so.

Sector Rangers

In their hunt for the Eclipse, the Sector Rangers are on the prowl on the smuggler's moon. Captain @Roland Rook and Lieutenant @Corran Velt brave the dark depths of Nar Shaddaa on a scouting mission, attempting to discover what dangers await in the lair of the Eclipse. At the same time Rangers @Darmus Onn , @Bast Emblai , and @Alton Hackett are working to establish a safehouse near the Eclipse location with slicing access. Meanwhile Ranger Jaxon Clane (@Dusty Desperado) and undercover agent @Jaron Reeves on are going on ahead to procure supplies and gear to help the Rangers blend in on Nar Shaddaa.

Lt. Corren is also leading an effort to gain favor of some private interests for weapons and ships for the Rangers. From there a team of rangers would put their investigating skills to use figuring out where a flight of starfighter raiders are striking from and identify them, stopping a weapons dealer from selling a cache of weapons, among other things.

The Rangers are also looking out for protecting their own planets against crime spilling over, as a Syndicate operation in the underbelly of Coruscant was responded to by Ranger forces and the fighting is still ongoing.

The famed Ranger Lieutenant @Trys Aran was woken from her comatose state with the help of Hannibal Grayza and now is on a mission to recover her lost memories.


The Sith have been laying off attacking the Jedi directly recently after the defiling of Ajan Kloss, allowing them some reprieve as they have been focused on expanding, claiming important historical worlds in old Sith space and beyond. Right now, @Darth Malicia is leading efforts to reclaim old Sith space, beginning with the ancient tomb world of Moraband. She and her forces move to reclaim the temple for themselves.

Meanwhile, @Darth Asminys led an invasion of Eiattu, a blitz that took the defenders by surprise and allowed the capture of orbiting corvettes. Ground forces under Morgan Ali’s command landed directly in the throne room and quickly secured the king while Darth Malicia captured his granddaughter and heir. (The pupper survived.)

Efforts to strengthen the relationship between the Sith and the Syndicates have continued. To this end, Darth Malicia and @Renfry worked to track down a shipment stolen from the Hutt Cartel. They executed the rival gang and returned the shipment to the Cartel as a show of good faith.

Five Syndicates

The Five Syndicates, although they have been passive before, are starting to find their stride and are increasing in importance as @Preef Callo (@Eccles) made his rise from Vanguard to Crymorah Boss. Preef, through hard work and clever maneuvering, cornered and killed Gori Xaa Hafven, leader of the Crymorah syndicate. Preef took his place and has elevated the Zaa Fenn to a leading role with @Marissa Hesse as it's Crime Lord.

A joint Ranger-Jedi effort to cripple Kessel’s slave-run mining operations was soundly thwarted as Preef lead the defense, with more Syndicate members for backup as well as Sith allies, with two Jedi captured and the rest forced to flee as a result. The Jedi were later released in accordance with a deal the two sides arranged.

The Five Syndicates are looking to take advantage of the situation with Senator York, with the man imprisoned they are looking to get favors out of clearing York's name from his charge by nefarious means.

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