Fighting my Red Bull addiction successfully


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Sep 30, 2011
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Spock, set the time machine at 2013. I was a young (compared to now anyway) newly minted royal guard in Stockholm. I lived on the military base in central Stockholm, skipped breakfast every day, worked out twice a day, and worked until nightfall. Lived, breathed, and probably ate the Army, too.

Saying I skipped breakfast though isn't entirely true. For a whole year, my breakfast consisted of a can of Red Bull and a protein bar. Say what you want about the health benefits (or, more likely, lack thereof) of it, that was my breakfast, every day.

A year later, I immigrated to the US. And I never kicked my breakfast habit. I think it's safe to say, for the last six years I've had a Red Bull not every morning, but a large percentage of mornings. I'm thinking 80%-90% of mornings. I think it's a safe bet to describe me as addicted to the Red Bull. I've tried quitting a few times, but you know how they say, "I could quit if I wanted to, but I just don't want to"? Well, I wanted to quit but I also didn't want to. Because, honestly, I loved Red Bull. It was flippin' tasty, especially in the morning when I'm tired.

Now, set the time machine on two weeks ago. I walk into Kum 'n Go (Worst name for a convenience store chain ever, btw) to grab my morning Red Bull. Instead my eye catches a can of Bubbl'r. It's "an antioxidant sparkling water that features natural flavors and colors, no artificial sweeteners, and natural caffeine", to quote Bubbl'r's website.

I figure, I'll give it a shot. Maybe it's tasty. Worst case I don't get my daily Red Bull fix.

And it - is - delicious.

So next trip to the store I pick up an eight pack of 'em.

And then another one.

And another one.

I've now had Bubbl'r every morning for two weeks, and this morning I decided to treat myself and have a Red Bull. And it didn't do anything for me. It did not taste fantastic. It was just...blah.

So, I think it's safe to say I'm over my Red Bull addiction.

Let's not talk about the fact that I'm now addicted to another caffeinated beverage though. That's beside the point.

TLDR; After seven years of drinking Red Bull almost every morning, I found something healthier (?) and tastier, and I have now thanks to that broken my addiction to Red Bull. Celebrate me.