For The Greater Good!


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Jun 16, 2021
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For The Greater Good!

In the years since its inception, the Independent System’s Consortium has built itself from the ground up to become one of the great powers of the Galaxy – expanding to governing rule over systems from the Core to the Outer Rim. The time has finally come to continue this expansion, in hopes of connecting the Consortium’s scattered territory.

In his capacity as Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs, Governor Galek Ordalos has sent out missives and commands to do exactly that, calling upon fellow Governors, Rangers and Independent mercenaries alike to target the planets of New Cov, Druckenwell and Mon Gazza.

(ISC Faction. Open to Independents/Mercenaries.)

Things Are Getting Spice-y - Mon Gazza - In Progress!

You would be hard-pressed to find a more vile hotbed of criminal, illicit activity than the Outer Rim planet of Mon Gazza. Despite its reputation as a crime-infested backwater, the planet nevertheless is more importantly known for its exceptionally profitable spice mines – second only in the galaxy to Kessel in terms of production. Since the invasion and annexation of Kessel by the Consortium, Mon Gazza has become the de facto capital of the illegal spice, with Syndicate control on the planet growing unchecked.

Located directly on the borders of ISC territory and within its path of expansion, the time has come to liberate Mon Gazza from the control of the Syndicates. While an ISC naval fleet lingers at the edge of the system, advanced planetary defense systems on the surface have prevented a full-scale invasion without sustaining heavy losses. However, a single shuttle should have no difficulty slipping through.

The objective of ISC operatives is simple. Infiltrate the Syndicate stronghold, fight your way through by whatever means necessary, and disable the Mon Gazza’s surface artillery. With the path open for a full-scale invasion, the planet will fall within a matter of hours.

Self-DM; Ask - 2 Participants
- @Livi Cross
- @Theo Magna

Jungle Fever - New Cov - Sign-up

Really, the Mid-Rim planet of New Cov isn’t what you would call a particularly ‘hospitable’ place to live. It’s population is relegated into secure, domed cities, while the majority of the surface is covered in dense jungles filled with lethal flora and fauna. Which, just so happen, to be a lucrative source of non-synthesizable biomolecules – making the planet a valuable target for the ISC. For weeks, Galek Ordalos has been in discussions with the government of New Cov – finally organizing a diplomatic summit on the surface to negotiation the planet’s entry into the ISC.

While in route to the summit, the delegation of New Cov officials was attacked by the planet’s lethal inhabitants while crossing through the wilds – leaving their shuttle stranded deep within the jungle. Seeking to earn the goodwill of the planetary leaders, ISC Rangers are called upon to brave the deadly wilds of New Cov and rescue the stranded delegation, and bring them back to the negotiating table.

Self-DM; Ask - 2 Participants
- @Flauki Ubbeson
- @Darius Belari

Beachfront Business - Druckenwell -
In Progress!

Once a member of the Trade Federation, the industrial planet of Druckenwell is a place where corporate interests and profit margins are king, and is governed over by a conglomerate of wealthy trade guilds and corporations. It is a planet that has thus far opted to remain independent – leveraging its expansive armament industry to play all sides of the ongoing Galactic conflicts.

After weeks of intense negotiations, Galek Ordalos has finally send out the missive – calling upon fellow Governors, Diplomats and savy businessmen to make the journey to Druckenwell – their objective clear. Convince the corporate rulers of Druckenwell that aligning with the ISC is within the interest of their bottom line, and bring the planet – and all of its wealth – under the banner of the Consortium.

Self-DM; Ask - 2 Participants
- @Carrick
- @Sibyl Lassiter

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