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Nov 28, 2019
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Force Phase


Force Phase is an ability that allows users to phase through solid matter. The user of the ability can focus on which body part they want to phase through an object; if a user activates their whole body they would simply just fall straight down from where they are. Therefore, to phase through a wall the user would have to first make their left leg phase through, then keep the left foot normal once it touches the ground. Then the user would have to make the rest of their body go through. This is why the ability requires a very high concentration. Force phase can also be used to avoid projectiles by making them simply go through you, however, this does not work against lightsabers and blaster bolts since the heat of the plasma would still affect you. This is more so effective against solid projectiles.

When this ability is mastered, users can even make objects they are holding or their clothes be able to phase through solid matter as well but it must be near their body. (They can't throw an object far away and make it go through another wall).

This force power also has major consequences. Since matter cannot exist inside one another, if a user deactivates a body part that is still within a solid object, that body part will be crushed instantly. The worst-case scenario for this ability is if you accidentally phase through the ground and fall towards a planet's core. If you deactivate you will be crushed, and if you don't you will eventually die. When Force Phase is used to much in a short span of time, users will experience an intense migraine and feel dizzy.

Force Phase is a difficult ability to learn. I would say it's easier to start out than teleportation but much harder to master. To give a rough estimate, someone Jedi Knight's level could learn the basics of force phase. Someone around the Jedi master level could use it in combat with some success but still rare. Then someone around Jedi Council+ could make their clothes and other objects phase with them and could use it in combat more effectively. That isn't really how the scaling works, but it's to give an estimate on how long it would take to use the ability to max effect.

Site lore article to provide just another option to roleplays. This could be useful for stealth situations, escape situations, and has minor combat uses. This is kind of like a lesser option of teleportation.