Force rot

ren darken

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May 14, 2022
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This is a type of force used by the order of force rot this force power is used to give any of there enemies a disease of rot and death but can only be achieved by physical touch either by something the user is holding or by hand . It's creator had horrible intentions for it as he was a sith lord but later that month he was killed by a assassin and then his journal fell into the hands of a man named darewil who invented the forcerot order who have defeated many

My intentions:I'll probably use it in a rp so I can be a character with the power of force rot and so other people can include it in rp as a power of the force
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May 19, 2013
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Generally speaking when it comes to force powers, we look for them to be a little more fleshed out and specific in what they can do. For example, you don't really say exactly what "a disease of rot and death" actually is or means.

Here's an example of an approved force power that you can check out that might help guide you in setting this power up as something I can review/approve.

If you are still confused/need further help I recommend hitting up our community mod @lizziie, she's really nice!

That said, I'm going to archive this one but do feel free to resubmit it again after you've worked on it some more.