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Dec 3, 2016
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► 34
► Human/Echani
► 1.78 meters
► 75 kg
► Blue
► White
► Coruscant
► Male
► Blackwell Technologies
► "Problem Solver"
► Nope

You wanna hear my story, huh? Well, I was born on Coruscant to a mother who lived in the lowest levels of the undercity and was, to be honest, not a good person. She fell in love with my father, an Echani outcast or something like that, the Echani being white haired kung fu masters or something, I don't really care about that. The thing is, my father had to leave for a good reason, he wasn't the best guy, and after dating my mother for a couple months he took his shit and left after, well, learning that she was going to have me. So, they broke up over holo communicator as my dad left the planet with his ship and my mother, understandably, hated his guts after leaving her with a child on the way.

So, I grew up on Coruscant's underworld and in order to survive we had to do some criminal activities like anyone else, my mother was a spice dealer for some time, then she had to invite people into her bedroom for money, but we usually managed to survive by stealing, I was better at that, being small and cute and all that. Of course, I also had to deal with my mother's abuse, pinning her current situation on me and hating the fact that my appearance also reminded her of my asshole father, so I had to deal with abuse, sometimes psychological abuse, mostly physical though, the reason I have only one eye is because she hit my with a bottle of alcohol so hard the glass shards completely destroyed my eye, if you are wonderin'.

However, while enduring my shitty situation and working in order to provide enough credits for us to live, I also hid part of the money over the years in order to buy a ship and enough fuel to get out of the planet and not have to deal with her crap anymore, the last time I saw my mother I was 16, and I am fine with not seeing her ever again. You must be thinking; "Where does a man whose life has been nothing but crimes after crimes in a shithole go? Well, obviously, I went to an even bigger shithole! My first destination: Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon, because crime pays very well there, most people die while trying to make money in there, but I was determined to make it big in there.

Extortion for clients, robbing, spice dealing, smuggling, mercenary work and more, I did any type of job for any organization as long as it paid well. At least at first before I started to take shortcuts in order to gain money and, well, ended making more enemies the richer I got. Eventually, after years of kriffing everyone over, I cut my losses and left the planet after being targeted by so many people it was a wonder I was still alive, I even took a new name (Yeah, Gaius Reyes is a made up one) And looked for new opportunities, I developed many skills during my years on that Hutt planet and it didn't take long before I was hired by Blackwell.

My place within the company is, well, strange; I am a man of many talents and, therefore, giving me an static position would be a waste, so I am simply a "problem solver", I am tasked to solve something, I am given the authority necessary to do my job and get paid accordingly depending on my mission, usually I serve the role of a mediator, trying to reason with unhappy employers who are on strike using my charisma, but I can also work as a bodyguard, be sent to take out threats to the company like, lets say, a group of thugs threatening our factories and workers or carry on certain jobs within the company that aren't exactly "legal", hell, I even pose nude for promotional Blackwell calendars from time to time and I can tell you they are quite popular! I am proud to say that I am finally living like I want to, the perfect balance between comfort and excitement, enjoying life at his finest while doing something both exciting and usually legal.


+ BD-510 Stargale light courier
+ BW-713 Blackhand
+ Stun Baton
+ Gaius' everyday armor
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Givin' me steampunk vibes! Solid character Ver!!