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Dec 22, 2017
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Generic Tech (or Generitech, for style) is the term for all tech items that do not need to go through the normal submission and approval process that most tech submissions require. To help members determine whether or not their particular tech item falls into this category we have assembled this short guide. Please read thoroughly. Generitech items will fall into one of three categories:

  • Re-Skins: This is a weapon, armor, or ship, or other tech that is functionally identical or completely inferior to an approved piece of tech, but has a different image or lore write-up. This category includes unique weapons and customized starships that are functionally identical to an approved item. You must provide a link to the item you are reskinning for easy comparison. Canon items cannot be submitted as reskins.
  • Generic Weapons and Armor: This category is for new armor and weapons that strictly conform to the limits described in the core tech rules. Refer to the rules page for the full text. For armor, as long as you stick to the standard coverage and protection ratings, and only use functions from a pre-approved list, you can write up a profile, post it here in Generitech, and start using it immediately. For weapons, these limits primarily concern range, capacity, damage, and fire rate, and also require a lack of new special features. Blatant min-maxing of capabilities is highly discouraged. When in doubt, reskins are preferable. Canon items cannot be submitted as generic.
  • Unrestricted Common Items: This category is fairly broad, and should be used with caution. It is a catch all for things that exist in Star Wars lore but that don't have (and probably don't need) a proper write up to be approved. This includes things like flashlights, common handheld macrobinoculars, datapads, a fancy gun belt, or your favorite weather poncho. As a rule of thumb, this sort of generitech should not have a significant impact on the RP or in conflict with other players- ie; nothing that would help you in a pvp or as an important part of a plot. Instead, it should be limited to things that add flavor and variety and flesh out the RP world.

Please keep in mind that whatever category you decide to use, you still need to abide by all of the other standard tech rules (including proper templates). Now that you understand these categories it's important to talk about what Generitech is not, and some additional miscellaneous rules:

  • GENERITECH IS NOT A WORK-AROUND FOR AVOIDING THE TECH TEAM. Misuse of this forum will result in the immediate archival of the offending tech, and repeat, malicious, or otherwise intentional infractions will result a ban from posting generitech, and potentially a ban from the tech boards entirely. If you are unclear or unsure about your submission, it is recommended for you to post it in unapproved tech, and the Tech team will move it to generitech if appropriate.
  • Faction Tech: Can only be posted by Faction Leaders and requires Tech Team approval. Tech created for mass fielding by the NPCs of any major (main or indie) faction should not be posted in generitech, including weapons, armor, ships etc.
  • Specialty Tech: As a reminder, this tech always requires approval and a significant tech plot, are usually one-off or otherwise unique items, or are some sort of superweapon- or all of the above. Specialty Tech does not belong in the Generitech board.

A Word of Advice

Now you know what to do and what not to do here. The best use of this board is for adding flavor to your RPs. Yeah, you could just say "Luke bought a new datapad", or you can write "Luke bought the new Space-Apple Datapad X, which he had to wait up all night in line for and cost him 900 credits". Some people really like stuff like that, and this is a good place to write up a blurb for the Space-Apple Datapad X, if you feel so inclined. If you find yourself coming in here looking to gain an advantage though, you're coming at it all wrong- that's what the Approved and Unapproved Tech Boards are for. I'm sure this is going to quickly fill up with all sorts of neat and unusual designs and bits of lore, and I encourage people to make use of it- poke around and see what other people are doing. Generitech is fun. There's a lot of charm in junky old blasters.

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