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Jun 9, 2024
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Characters for now, more later.

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Jun 9, 2024
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Viska Eoinis


► 30
► Miraluka
► 5'11"
► 170
► N/A
► White
► Eshan
► Male
► Jedi Order
► Knight
► Yes
Viska was born on the Echani world Eshan. From a young age due to his Miralukan heritage, it was evident he had a strong connection to the Force and was taken in by the JEdi to be raised from a youngling to a padawan. He felt isolated from the others due to his innate blindness, knowing that even with the Force guiding him he would never see as they do. As a result, he threw himself into training to prove to those around him (and more importantly, himself) that he was no weakling or hinderance. He devoted himself to combat and proved adept at it, taking on the counterstriking and redirections of Form V like a fish to water. Viska found the combat itself to be a form of meditation, and would push himself (and his sparring partners) harder and harder as fights went on. The Miraluka had found his niche and believed that this is where he would prove himself to be a strong and firm Jedi. Unfortunately, as a result, this is where his focus started and ended. He struggled in other aspects of Jedi Training, and, after overhearing one of his teachers talk about their concerns with his aggression, began to fear that he would fail before he ever truly began.
His fear about never becoming a Jedi due to his aggression grew as time went on. He began to hesitate, to doubt himself. In training, he would second guess every step he made, causing him to began to fall behind the others. As he fell behind, the deeper and deeper his fear went. Viska began to fully isolate from his peers, using any excuse he could to be alone. He was attempting to commune with the Force, to push himself into the sense of serenity that he had seen from his teachers, when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. The calming presence of the one who would become his Master propted him to speak about his struggles, frustrations and fears. The JEdi listened and helped him realize that a connection to the Forced cannot be demanded, that the Force is a song that every living creature innately knows the movements of. He helped Viska see that his love for combat was not a thing to be feared but just another tool for him to connect to the Force with. The Jedi took the youngling under their wing and, at first as a guide then as their Master, taught them to seek out a strong connection to the Force in all things. They helped instill a sense of reverance for the Force, and encouraged Viska to study it's flow. Viska found his connection to the Force strengthening, his Sight becoming clearer. He threw himself into his studies, with printouts when he could find them and readers for holo-books. When he graduated his Trials and became a knight, he went back to Eshan to further his martial training and to seek out more aspects of the Force to study.
Viska gives off the air of a nervous man, with his fingers twitching and body moving. He's uncomfortable with too much attention on him, and is prone to saying whatever is on his mind without thinking it through. He can be quick witted, but tends to hold himself in reserve due to his desire for minimal attention. Viska is a firm believer that no knowledge is taboo, and will often seek out disreputable people and associations to learn what knowledge he may not otherwise receive. While he is staunchly dedicated to the Jedi Order, he secretly believes a wave of understanding about the Force can be gained from speaking with former Sith and current ones. He also believes its through these discussions with the Sith that can bring them back to the Light Side of the Force, to free them from the corrupting blight that is the Dark Side.
Viska has difficulty connecting to people that in part stems from his blindness and reliance on Force Sight. Through his Echani training he discovered that in a sparring match one could learn virtually everything about their opponent, and has to remind himself that not everyone sees combat the same way he does. If he has too mcuh trouble understanding someone or where the conversation is going, he will often request a sparring match to better understand the other person's intentions. This has, unfortunately, given him a reputation of being bloodthirsty and aggressive.
Viska, though a lover and seeker of knowledge, has very few practical skills outside of combat. He's skilled with both forms of Form V, Shien and Djem So, and will often combine that with his martial arts prowess. He's skilled at using Matukai Strikes to enhance his physical attacks and catch opponents by surprise. Viska is training to further his skill with Tutaminis, both in trying to prolong his ability to absorb energy and to redirect blaster bolts back at the attacker, but he has difficulty finding people willing to help him train by shooting at him. He, like other Miraluka, uses Force Sight to 'observe' the world around him, but is frustrated with its limitations and is constantly seeking to expand his ability to 'see'.
+ Orange Lightsaber
+ Datapad
+ Multiple robes
+ Comlink
+ A few holobooks and a reader so he can listen to their contents
+ Multiple blindfolds, including one that says 'Certified Pilot'

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