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Feb 13, 2012
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Guilean Balo Sticks

Guilean Balo Sticks are a drug invented by the Pyke Syndicate following the loss of the spice mines of Kessel. Created using Guilea as the base ingredient, and then mixed with numerous industrial chemicals, as well as the Balo Mushroom, the drug is a strong hallucinogenic, and is very addictive. Prolonged use of the drug causes burns marks under the nose and around the mouth of the user.

Due to it being ‘served’ in the same sort of plastic sticks as the famed ‘Death Sticks’, they are sometimes referred to as the Balo Stick.


Guilean Balo Sticks are ingested through inhalation, where the user holds a flame to the bottom of the stick and inhales the vapour from the top. Its taste varies from user to user, thanks to the powerful hallucinogenic high it evokes. Users of the drug are often encouraged to lie down, as the drug tends to reduce people to a semi-comatose state for the duration of the high.

It is a highly addictive substance and one that requires extensive medical support to safely withdraw from. Rapid cessation of taking the narcotic, if one is a regular user, has severe side effects such as fits, and even heart attacks. As with many narcotics of this nature, too much of it can lead to death.

Use & Creation

A new drug to the market, which was produced as a response to the loss of Kessel, the sticks are not yet heavily studied by the authorities, and their circulation is mostly limited to the areas immediately in and around their production locations. It is much harder to come by that spice, and is mostly produced in industrial operations in the outer rim.

With the ‘recipe’ only known to specific members of the Pyke Syndicate, it is this group that currently has the production of this narcotic cornered. Created by grinding down the Guilean plant’s leaves, and then boiling the leaves in a series of strong industrial cleaning chemicals, which are then finished off with a single ground down Bola Mushroom, the drug is manufactured en masse and then packaged into small plastic ‘sticks’.


To add to the brewing drug wars on the forum, by providing a new product for the Pykes and others to make use of.