Jedi Order Helen Summers


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May 16, 2021
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NAME: Helen Summers “Ms. Summers” to the younger members of the order

FACTION: Jedi Order

RANK: Jedi Librarian (Same Power Level as Jedi Knight)

SPECIES: Human Female

AGE: 67

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5ft 7inches.

WEIGHT: 115 pounds

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, and Trained


Helen is an elderly woman-but due to her force sensitivity is rather young looking considering her age, she has peach white skin, white hair and sapphire blue eyes, she is also in shape, while she’s not on the field usually, she enjoys a good duel every now and again.


Helen is an interesting sort of person, having been trained as a Jedi Knight before working in the Archives, she is average at lightsaber combat, however she is quite quick and acrobatic for her age. Her memory is near perfect, or atleast it was, it seems her extensive knowledge of the archives is faltering with age-she mixes up little details (and sometimes important details) frequently currently. Though her memory isn’t what it used to be, she is nevertheless quick witted and is a fast talker-whether or not the words she spews make any sense is in the eyes of the beholder.


Helen is very kind, she loves sharing the knowledge she and/or the archives have acquired to help Jedi of all ages. She is known by most Jedi and is on good terms with those she does know. She is a resource before missions and a friend to those who need one, she enjoys nothing more then sitting down with some tea, cookies, and a good book-or a friend!


Helen doesn’t remember her childhood-her parents gave her to the New Jedi Order at a very young age, all she has known is the Jedi and by the force-she loves it.

Since she was a youngling she had yearned to learn, and to improve and to expand the knowledge of the order itself, and that never went away, as she rose from Youngling, to Padawan, to Jedi Knight to Librarian, she always kept her love of knowledge and her interest in the ways of the force.

Now-her years of adventure are mostly behind her, and she happily maintains the archives, aspiring to be like Jocasta Nu, one of the greatest Jedi Librarians to ever live. However, unlike Jocasta, Helen recognizes the archives won’t ever be complete, so she has set out to fill them the most she possibly can.


Helen has quite a few skills of varying levels, she is an alright duelist-finding the sport fun and real combat exhilarating, she is adept at force healing and using the force in general, recognizing her old body may be out muscled, she figures nothing can beat getting smashed by a rock or shoved face first into the ground by the force. Helen’s memory is good-it’s not once was and she misremembers things sometimes but that’s okay, her other knowledge will make up for it... (hopefully) Last and certainly not least, Helen loves cooking and baking, she makes quite a many sweet treats and snacks for those who enter her library or join her book clubs, however if one were to spill crumbs... There’d be an issue.


Helen is equipped with her traditional Jedi robes as her everyday attire. She aspires to wear a dazzling purple outfit in the style of famed Jedi Master and Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu.

She has a emerald bladed, Silver hilted lightsaber she either clicks to her belt, or has disguised as a walking stick.

(When she chooses to bring it,) A Silver walking stick, made of metal, it has a slot at the top for Helen to stash her lightsaber when she doesn’t feel like having it on her.

A Holopad, Helen notes that sometimes data must be accessed on the fly and always brings one of these around, yep that’s why, it’s not to make sure she’s not forgetting something important at all.